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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Landing page or Redirect
which is the better practice
3 river_east 11:31 am Nov 2, 2012
Report: Open DNS Resolvers Increasingly Used To Amplify DDoS Attacks
12 engine 2:49 am Nov 1, 2012
Has The Domain Name Market Lost Its Shine?
3 engine 3:38 am Oct 30, 2012
VeriSign Shares Fall Over Uncertainty Of Its Growth Profile
1 engine 6:11 pm Oct 29, 2012
U.K.'s Nominet Proposing Shorter .uk Internet Domain
23 BeeDeeDubbleU 5:18 pm Oct 29, 2012
Moved: not sure why this is happening, malware found on site
Post was moved here: http://www.webmasterworld.com/content_management/4513568.htm
1 System 4:46 pm Oct 29, 2012
Potential domain name conflict -- I need some opinions
domain trademark conflicts
3 Lysander 6:12 pm Oct 28, 2012
Did I register a penalized domain?
It is not ranking in search engines yet
3 ecmedia 10:07 pm Oct 25, 2012
Report: Ancestry.com Acquired By Investor Group, Permira, For $1.6 Billion
2 engine 1:27 pm Oct 22, 2012
Did I make a bad domain name choice?
6 Marked 9:30 pm Oct 20, 2012
Domain name found w/ another extension
My domain name on sale with diff country extension
4 KaraScene1 6:54 pm Oct 15, 2012
ICANN Proposal To Draw Names For Prioritizing New gTLD Applications
2 engine 11:00 pm Oct 14, 2012
Domain Expiration for a GoDaddy Premium Domain
3 CGray 9:54 am Oct 10, 2012
How do I help my friend get his domain name back?
Friend's domain lapsed, now owned by distant island registrar
2 JAB_Creations 2:35 pm Oct 7, 2012
whois information
About the display of private information publicly via whois.
9 suejoh 5:00 pm Oct 5, 2012
Domain Name Brokers Getting the Job Done: Helping Registrants/Sellers and Buyers to Close Domain Deals
Favorable experience thus far completing unsolicited sales to buyer's brokers and their clients
2 Webwork 2:02 pm Oct 2, 2012
Are Asian Domain names Important to Grab?
12 HLTc 2:53 pm Sep 30, 2012
My domain expired although I paid for it
9 tmtusshar 3:26 am Sep 27, 2012
Multiple Domain names to one website?
each domain to a different page
5 Josefu 5:48 pm Sep 24, 2012
GoDaddy issues an Apology and Credits!
GoDaddy Apology and credits
5 joeventura 4:16 pm Sep 21, 2012
Pricing/ Selling your website/domain
Many threads have been created asking this question.
2 bwnbwn 2:50 pm Sep 19, 2012
IPV4 Now Rationed In Europe
7 engine 10:08 pm Sep 14, 2012
Apple sues a.pl
Apple says a.pl can create confusion in search results
4 matrix_jan 5:11 am Sep 12, 2012
GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites
Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility[2] ( 1 2 )
52 jgold454 11:49 pm Sep 11, 2012
When It Comes to Rejecting Significant Bona Fide Offers for Your Domains
Have Your Decisions to Reject Offers to Buy Resulted in La De Da De Da or Doh! Moments?
14 Webwork 10:48 am Sep 11, 2012

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