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This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Beware WhoIs Validation Phishing Scams
New requirements lead to new scams
1 Webwork 5:44 pm Jan 4, 2014
Owning an Existing Keyword gTLD (BlahBlahBlah.org) and the Emerging Keyword gTLDs (.BlahBlahBlah)
I'm naturally curious to see how this will play out in a world were traffic is the lifeblood of websites
15 Webwork 6:24 am Dec 31, 2013
Copycat Website is Stealing My Business
Copycat Website
10 Anro 12:05 am Dec 25, 2013
Is it possible to get cheated in sale?
Is this a con?
7 The_Ralph 4:03 am Dec 21, 2013
Donuts and Dollars: Variable Pricing and the New gTLDs
Major gTLD Registry "Donuts" COO interviewed by DomainIncite.com
3 Webwork 3:43 pm Dec 18, 2013
How to trade domains?
2 dailypress 9:22 am Dec 18, 2013
Recovering an expired domain
3 geordief 11:50 am Dec 13, 2013
How to estimate type-in traffic
5 dailypress 7:24 pm Dec 12, 2013
Domain Parking Providers
4 dailypress 1:24 pm Dec 12, 2013
DomainValue based on Keyword CPC
5 dailypress 9:13 pm Dec 9, 2013
New Sedo Auction
1 RedBar 4:50 pm Dec 6, 2013
How FEW Domain Registrations Needed for a New gTLD Registry to Profit?
NONE due to parking page ad revenue or just a few as a result of "premium domain" prices and registry owned AND operated prime keyword websites
2 Webwork 2:10 am Dec 6, 2013
Is Google as the Registry Owner/Operator of 100 new gTLDs a Game Changer for G?
HOW G's New Status Game Changer for Google, SEOs, Webhosts, for other gTLD Operators?
1 Webwork 7:49 pm Dec 5, 2013
Any predictions on what would happen to .COM after new TLDs?
14 born2run 2:32 pm Dec 4, 2013
Nine New gTLDs Rolled Out To Trademark Holders
8 engine 2:23 am Nov 28, 2013
3 Ways to Protect Your Trademark From Poaching in the New gTLDs
ICANN's statement regarding how to protect your trademark or brand from cybersquatting
3 Webwork 12:42 am Nov 18, 2013
Approximately 557 New gTLDs Either Approved, Soon to Be or Pending
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
5 Webwork 7:56 pm Nov 15, 2013
Interview with Jon Nevett and Mason Cole of Donuts
Donuts filed for distribution rights of 307 new gTLDs
2 Webwork 8:54 pm Nov 6, 2013
New ICANN WHOIS Website In Beta
1 engine 4:42 pm Nov 5, 2013
Buying domain - 2 Keywords + Place Name
8 SunnyG 1:03 pm Nov 4, 2013
Just Invested $18,000 Acquiring a One Word, Industry Defining .Org Domain
Crazy or Not? Anyone else spend mad money on a domain in the past year? Do tell.[2] ( 1 2 )
59 Webwork 2:50 pm Oct 31, 2013
1400 New Generic gTLDs In "Sunrise" Period
5 engine 6:11 am Oct 30, 2013
Defense Against Cybersquatting Claims - Practical Advice Offered by Howard Neu, Esq.
A disclaimer on your website can fend off assertions that your domain causes "brand confusion"
2 Webwork 10:11 pm Oct 26, 2013
does the domain owner also own the content?
transfer of domain
7 waiting1 4:10 pm Oct 25, 2013
Claim on domain
3 Kahr 8:25 am Oct 22, 2013

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