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22Google Updates and SERP Changes - July 2016aristotleGoogle SEO News and Discussion
23World Wide Web is 25 Years OldengineFoo
24Pattern of title changes in Google serps seems differentJS_HarrisGoogle SEO News and Discussion
25Google Previews Expanded AMP Support in Entire SERPsengineGoogle SEO News and Discussion
26Facebook Changes Newsfeed over Clickbait HeadlinesengineFacebook Marketing Forum
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28Wrong Page in Serps on Interlinked PagesJS_HarrisGoogle SEO News and Discussion
29Opera says its service for syncing web browser data was hackedbillOpera Browser Usage and Support
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31Chrome 53 Browser Will Block Background Flash ContentbillFlash and Shockwave
32Ever changing link unit stylesheetJS_HarrisGoogle AdSense
33AdSense Quality Score figure in AdSensejames007Google AdSense
34Adsense Channels and Increased Earningsanefarious1Google AdSense
35Google not indexing second-most popular page on sitestevesixthcityGoogle SEO News and Discussion
36Canonical Link Header element - Pointing from PDF to HTML?bakedjakeGoogle SEO News and Discussion
37Google keeps ex-Googlers close by investing in their startupsbakedjakeGoogle, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues
38Thin Content Manual Action (Partial Site Match): How to Handle?johnnycacheGoogle SEO News and Discussion
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40Rewrite image files with query string to new urlsichthyousApache Web Server
41Pokemongo and opinions. FutureFoo
42Number of indexed pages down exponentiallyJS_HarrisGoogle SEO News and Discussion
43Used Adsense for years, then switch to new account and get bannedCentennialEmpireGoogle AdSense
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46Media.netBroadwayGoogle AdSense
47Matched ContentMaledaGoogle AdSense
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49Mozilla-1.1lucy24Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
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