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15Opera Blockchain-Ready Browser for AndroidengineOpera Browser Usage and Support
16What is the meaning of 'In Review' & 'Getting Ready'?nawazeGoogle AdSense
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19Link check, including fragment identifierBroadwayHTML
20Microsoft Confirms it is Building Microsoft Edge Based Upon ChromiumengineMicrosoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer
21What new web-tech are you excited for going into 2019NickMNSWebmaster General
22U.K. Parliament Publishes Seized Facebook DocumentsengineFacebook Marketing Forum
23Report: Microsoft Building a Chromium Web BrowserbillMicrosoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer
24A general alert for sendmail userscsdude55Webmaster General
25UK Parliament Seizes Facebook Internal PapersengineFacebook Marketing Forum
26Google News Publisher and AMPJesterMagicGoogle SEO News and Discussion
27Severe Adsense revenue drop?Isa_AlGoogle AdSense
28Time to Rethink the Strategy of Trying to get google Organic TrafficShepherdGoogle SEO News and Discussion
29Sitemap + Canonical Issuegrkrishna1984Google SEO News and Discussion
30Microsoft Resumes Roll-out of Windows 10 Oct Update V1809engineMicrosoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10)
31Pruning old content - a strategy for recovery?ichthyousGoogle SEO News and Discussion
324 clicks, 100% bounce, 0s on page ?Mark_AGoogle Ads (Was AdWords)
33Low coverage, possible link to responsive adscsdude55Google AdSense
34The 'double click' penaltyvanillaiceGoogle AdSense
35Server Farms - July 2018keyplyrSearch Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
36Hope to recover from Google August Core UpdateegyfitnessGoogle SEO News and Discussion
37Global Ad Fraud Discovered and Taken DownengineFoo