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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Two different registrars claiming ownership of the same domain name?
How is this possible? P.S. never use "rebel" as a domain registrar.
6 rollinj 2:35 am Aug 8, 2017
EFF: Avoid Registering New gTLDs Since They Give Brands Special TM Rights and Procedures
ICANN's New gTLDs Trademark Clearinghouse give brands veto power & threatens free speech rights
3 accurate 6:17 pm Aug 2, 2017
Domain for sale page vs domain auctioning
6 Poddit 8:40 am Aug 2, 2017
.uk.vs .co.uk
Registered both, which should I use
14 graeme_p 5:34 am Jul 30, 2017
When will domain sellers wake up. Or will they?
11 MrSavage 8:03 pm Jul 25, 2017
Your Money or Your Life! Nah. Old School. Your Domain or Your Life!
Newspaper reporting attempt to coerce domain transfer at gunpoint.
4 Webwork 7:15 am Jul 19, 2017
A Bit of WIPO Domain Name Dispute Info You Might Want to Read
Either a "sleep aid" or a path to understanding of how WIPO analyzes cases
1 Webwork 12:09 am Jul 7, 2017
Whoops! $6+ Million Dollar Cybersquatting Lawsuit Filed by Greg LeMond
1 Webwork 11:54 pm Jul 6, 2017
Uniregistry price increases of 3000% for some new gTLDs
23 brotherhood_of_LAN 3:42 pm Jun 23, 2017
.com dominance. Thoughts and predictions for the future
6 ambt 3:39 pm Jun 23, 2017
Google Domains
6 smallcompany 3:36 am Jun 5, 2017
When will dot now go live?
dot now Domain
6 openmind 10:16 pm Jun 3, 2017
Old, Informational Website Discontinuation
Best Options for closing down a website
6 contentmaster 12:31 pm May 26, 2017
Use multi domain names on 1 site
Each domain pointed to its own sub directory
20 ozstar 2:07 am May 11, 2017
Expand content on same domain or register new?
5 paparoysan 3:55 pm Apr 19, 2017
Registry status: locked
domain transfer, registry status locked
7 openmind 12:45 pm Apr 13, 2017
Wal-mart paid USD $9 million for the Shoes.com domain name
Wal-mart pays big bucks for elite domain name
6 GeorgeK 3:44 pm Apr 10, 2017
You Know You Are Dealing with a Savvy Domainer When
You are spammed a list of .Guru domains with this inside
5 Webwork 3:21 pm Apr 10, 2017
URL shortener
4 Traitos 3:48 pm Apr 1, 2017
Transitioning from a Great Domain to a Website Worthy of the Address
I keep coming back to the guidance offered a decade ago by Tedster & Others
1 Webwork 5:09 pm Mar 30, 2017
.TEL Open for Generic Use
4 accurate 2:27 pm Mar 27, 2017
speculation over the next round of gTLDs
11 bill 12:14 am Feb 23, 2017
How Would You Sell These Four Names?
5 RedBar 10:06 pm Feb 22, 2017
Domain Name Leasing
I'm not a fan of leases. Are you? Any success stories?
13 Webwork 9:18 pm Feb 21, 2017
Domain I would like to sell
2 Seogorilla561 10:55 pm Feb 17, 2017