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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Domain Legacy (The Kid's Inheritance) OR My Retirement Plan?
With any luck I will spend . . blow . . their inheritance! Muhahahaha
5 Webwork 4:16 am Feb 25, 2015
Strange Inheritance TV Series
I wonder when a domain name inheritance will make the series.
4 rocker 12:26 am Feb 25, 2015
Is it worth keeping a domain just because it is in the dictionary?
Old domain I'm not using
10 CrimsonGirl 1:13 am Feb 24, 2015
Exact Match Domain - How much is it worth?
10 dailypress 5:03 am Feb 23, 2015
Domains and Escrow Services - Anyone Have A Bad Experience?
I haven't hit a stumbling block yet but there are some minor issues
4 Webwork 8:14 pm Feb 19, 2015
Interesting Transaction In The Works
Anonymous buyer soliciting W-9 SSN / TIN info before paying a dime
14 Webwork 3:13 pm Feb 19, 2015
Defining and Building a Business Web Presence
Alternatives to the single corporate (domain) named website?
8 RP_Joe 3:25 pm Feb 12, 2015
UDRP Reportedly Filed by HomeAway.com for HolidayRentals.com
File this under "You're Kidding, Right? Bad law in the making alert!"
1 Webwork 8:57 pm Feb 11, 2015
Verisign - Com/Net Regsitry - Blogging Domain Registration Keywords
Top 10 keywords registered under .com and .net
1 Webwork 8:44 pm Feb 11, 2015
ILLEGAL to make us accountable, claim ICANN lawyers
A news report regarding future of domain names management
1 tangor 7:45 am Feb 10, 2015
The Man Squatting on Millions of Dollars Worth of Domain Names
3 bill 11:22 am Feb 9, 2015
Is this e-mail LEGIT or SCAM?
3 StimmedMarine 8:25 am Feb 9, 2015
How to buy a private parked domain? Who owns it?
3 FamousAuthor47 12:06 am Feb 5, 2015
$8,888,888 Domain Sale Reported
Rick Schwartz sells 5 letter domain starting with P and ending with "no"
4 Webwork 1:50 pm Feb 4, 2015
Multiple Domains on the same hosting account
6 fraseniuc 12:58 pm Jan 29, 2015
Expired or Expiring Domain Lists - Do They Work? Are They Still Relevant? Worth their cost?
Country code lists available, such as .PT? Reliable? Accurate? Worth the cost?
14 Linkhouseo 7:42 am Jan 29, 2015
My Registrar May Have Been Hacked
2 johnlee 6:33 pm Jan 27, 2015
Registrar can lock your domain
5 Stefan_s 1:02 pm Jan 27, 2015
When is a Trademark Not a Trademark
Explanation of trademark registered in the USPTO.gov Supplemental Register
1 Webwork 1:14 am Jan 27, 2015
Google Domains Now In Open Beta For U.S.
6 engine 3:32 pm Jan 19, 2015
Need help on domain registration
Domain Registrar
2 Techarena 3:38 pm Jan 13, 2015
4 char domain names
Should I acquire 4 character domain name(s)?
2 apprich 4:23 pm Jan 12, 2015
How to redirect when changing domain?
I want to change my website's domain without losing old links
9 doantientai94 2:33 pm Jan 12, 2015
Who renewed my domain?
How can I find out who renewed my domain?
8 realwahl 10:22 pm Jan 10, 2015
Reverse DNS Hacked?
Reverse DNS Possible Hacked
7 EastTexas 1:11 am Jan 10, 2015

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