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Content, Writing and Copyright

Topics include, content creation, writing, updating, licensing, and copyright.

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How Is It that Content Farms Still Rank
3 Harry 5:42 pm May 10, 2016
Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly
BPI takes pop at UGC loophole
1 tangor 7:26 pm May 6, 2016
Longer Content and Articles are Better
10 engine 6:38 pm Apr 5, 2016
Help with writing SEO-friendly articles with long tail keywords
5 onlinesource 11:17 pm Apr 1, 2016
Filing Counter Notification To Google
Confused about the process
3 coachm 2:20 pm Mar 17, 2016
Band wants to post concert video with identifiable audience
Do they need a release?
11 ergophobe 7:57 pm Jan 29, 2016
Finding Topics for your Next Blog Post
1 engine 5:35 pm Jan 21, 2016
My website pages layout and content stolen by a local software company
4 rajesh8759 4:45 am Jan 19, 2016
Judge Rules Monkey That Took Selfie Cannot Own the Copyright
9 engine 5:02 pm Jan 9, 2016
Legal or not to place a link to a PDF book?
11 Valdo909 9:14 am Jan 8, 2016
You Love Pizza Rat. You Donít Own Pizza Rat
Managing copyright content
3 tangor 12:42 pm Dec 12, 2015
Emails reveal how Cox lost Safe Harbor
DMCA's not being handled properly
2 tangor 12:05 am Dec 4, 2015
Sued for using HTTPS: Big brands told to cough up in crypto patent fig
8 tangor 7:14 pm Dec 3, 2015
UK Copyright Law on Digital Music "No Longer Fit For The Digital Age"
3 engine 10:10 am Dec 1, 2015
Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing ends
There is a copyright component to the case webmasters need be aware
1 tangor 8:12 pm Nov 25, 2015
EU is not going to make hyperlinks illegal
But its copyright changes will have a big impact on the web
1 tangor 11:55 pm Nov 16, 2015
US and UK English
How to best to deliver correct version
8 IanTurner 7:05 am Nov 5, 2015
New DMCA rules step in right direction
mod your devices to heart's content
1 tangor 9:26 pm Oct 28, 2015
How do popular Meme sites get away with copyrights?
using stills from motion pictures
4 adder 10:33 pm Oct 21, 2015
Infringement claim for image supplied in affiliate feed
Getty letter for using image supplied by hotel booking co.
7 surfgatinho 3:27 pm Oct 16, 2015
Happy Birthday wins for plaintiffs in US Court
No royalities have to be paid
2 tangor 8:17 pm Sep 24, 2015
Why the 'Dancing Baby' copyright case is just hi-tech victim shaming
1 tangor 8:13 am Sep 18, 2015
DMCA bots must recognize Fair Use
US Appeals court rules against Universal
3 tangor 9:40 am Sep 17, 2015
Google Images: EU Commish opens new front against Chocolate Factory
Image copyrights being investigated
4 tangor 4:09 pm Aug 28, 2015
DMCA Cease & Desist Ignored
11 keyplyr 10:34 pm Aug 16, 2015