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Topics include, content creation, writing, updating, licensing, and copyright.

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Alibaba IPR Registration
Has anyone successfully registered?
2 Marshall 2:50 pm Sep 19, 2017
Scientists, free software bods worried about EU copyright proposal
2 tangor 9:12 am Sep 13, 2017
"Monkey Selfie" Picture Rights Battle Settled Out of Court
2 engine 4:01 pm Sep 12, 2017
Can a cropped thumbnail of an original image be considered as FairUse?
Linking always to the original URL, and citing the author
19 sansanotsansha 2:45 pm Sep 5, 2017
Fair Use Copyright Content OK with Judge in YT case
1 tangor 12:10 pm Aug 26, 2017
Need Guidance on Site Copying
Site being copied - Need help to make it stop
22 mhansen 3:11 pm Aug 21, 2017
Website asking for Power of Attorney before removing images
Has anyone ever heard of this before?
9 Marshall 12:17 pm Aug 16, 2017
GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge
1 tangor 9:00 pm May 14, 2017
US copyright shake-up
Days of filing stuff on web and waiting for DMCA are over
4 tangor 2:32 pm May 6, 2017
Checking for copyright infringement in apps?
3 ChanandlerBong 9:56 am Mar 20, 2017
Silicon Valley bites back via Europe’s copyright reform
1 tangor 10:57 pm Mar 10, 2017
Sir Tim Berners-Lee approves DRM as Web standard
2 tangor 9:18 am Mar 7, 2017
News Writing Bots coming sonn to AI near you
3 tangor 10:56 pm Mar 6, 2017
Decided to be much more aggressive in protecting copyright
3 ChanandlerBong 9:41 pm Feb 2, 2017
Year end review as blog post
Is this a good idea, or is it revealing too much?
10 NickMNS 4:46 am Dec 24, 2016
US Congress seeks small claims track for copyright claims
1 tangor 3:50 pm Dec 10, 2016
How do i get Google rich snippet from my blog
2 wasconet 2:20 pm Oct 31, 2016
The EU's supreme court is stripping EU citizens of copyrights
Not quite done yet, but headed there!
2 tangor 2:34 pm Oct 14, 2016
Stream Ripping: How Google/YouTube Is Slowly Killing Music Industry
2 tangor 2:27 pm Oct 14, 2016
Do I need my business address on every single webpage?
Because I'm being advised to do so
8 wockawocka 5:50 pm Oct 4, 2016
Reasons not to hire X Content Writers.
Team of masters who worked with us.
2 Future 4:18 pm Sep 5, 2016
ISPs face piracy liability
protecting copyrights for fun and profit
5 tangor 10:52 pm Aug 13, 2016
EFF Sues US Government over Copyright Law
copyright law that violate the First Amendment.
3 engine 4:38 am Jul 25, 2016
About page, what info should be shown?
7 NickMNS 4:42 am Jul 8, 2016
Time to re-file your patents and trademarks, Britain
2 tangor 10:29 pm Jun 27, 2016

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