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2Google's Gary Illyes Names Latest Algo Change: Fred UpdatemartinibusterGoogle SEO News and Discussion
3MARCH 2017 AdSense Earnings & ObservationsfrankleeceoGoogle AdSense
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7Detecting ad blockers.BroadwayGoogle AdSense
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9Google AdSense Ad Balance Slider ReviewEvan_SalamancaGoogle AdSense
10Vimeo Opens Up 360 Video With Revenue Earning Opportunities for CreativesengineWeb Video Creation and Optimization
11Google Fred Update Targets Ad Heavy, Low Value Content Sites resellerGoogle SEO News and Discussion
12SEO Weather vs SEO ClimategoodroiGoogle SEO News and Discussion
13Google Exposes IE and Edge Vulnerability "type confusion flaw"engineMicrosoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer
14RIP DMOZ: The Open Directory Project is closingbillDirectories
15Websites Affected By Zombie Traffic - Observations & AnalysisresellerGoogle SEO News and Discussion
16Possible the SEO Industry's Wrong About Phantom?martinibusterGoogle SEO News and Discussion
17Feb 7, 2017 Google Algorithm Update - Studies Suggest it was PhantomRobert_CharltonGoogle SEO News and Discussion
18What is a good bounce rate for a site?AmmalgamGoogle AdSense
19As many as 48 million Twitter accounts aren't people, says studytangorTwitter
20Need to find a way to track .mp3 requests from serverScottMWebsite Analytics - Tracking and Logging
21Approaching Google SEO as a Zero Sum GamegoodroiGoogle SEO News and Discussion
22Uniregistry Price Increases of 3000pct For Some New gTLDsbrotherhood_of_LANDomain Names
23Mobile Page Bounce Rates and New BenchmarksengineGoogle SEO News and Discussion
24Google Reacts to Advertisers Suspending ads on YouTubenonstopGoogle, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues
25What Will Happen If I Don't Switch to HTTPS?keyplyrWebmaster General
26SHA-1 Defeated, Google Urges Movement to Cryptographic hashes such as SHA-256 and SHA-3brotherhood_of_LANWebmaster General
27jQuery causes glitch with <input .> <label .>csdude55JavaScript and AJAX
28Bounce Rate Vs Time On Page For Best Ranking on SERPsWeBuyHousesInCTGoogle SEO News and Discussion
29Will installing SSL certificate cause duplicate content penalty with http & https?killuaGoogle SEO News and Discussion
30Bing and Google Agree to Demote Pirated Music and Movie Sites in UKengineUK Search and Internet Marketing News
31Updated Google Rater Guidelines: Fake News, Inaccurate Content & Hate SitesengineGoogle SEO News and Discussion
32New Search EnginessmilieAlternative Search Engines
33Backup ads to Adsensecsdude55Google AdSense
34Statcounter: Android Comes Close to Challenge Windows For Top OS World-WideengineFoo
35Google AdSense: Native Advertising For PublishersengineGoogle AdSense
36Responsive AdlinksBroadwayGoogle AdSense
37Firefox 52 Released, With WebAssembly SupportengineFirefox Browser Usage and Support
38ReplazBotasdkasdfadfSearch Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
39How to remove search results data from GoogledanielaaricGoogle SEO News and Discussion
40Analytics and hash tags?onlinesourceWebsite Analytics - Tracking and Logging
41Google Updates and SERP Changes - January 2017mboydnvGoogle SEO News and Discussion
42Hacked websites displaying my sitesangiGoogle SEO News and Discussion
43HTTPS impact on Adsense puenteGoogle AdSense
44Affiliate MarketingleadsfirstAffiliates
45Does "Best of the Web" pass any link juice?chewyDirectories
46Experimental Feature: List View Matched Contentanefarious1Google AdSense
47Google To Deprecate and Remove Trust From 30,000 Symantec-issued Extended Validation CertificatesengineWebsite Security for Webmasters
48Silicon Valley bites back via Europe’s copyright reformtangorContent, Writing and Copyright
49Understanding the Google Image Search Traffic DropsArchbobGoogle SEO News and Discussion
50Happy Friday, What did you do this week to optimize your site?goodroiGoogle SEO News and Discussion