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11Report: Pinterest Files for IPO at a Valuation of $12 billionenginePinterest
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13Google Working on Defeating Punycode Domain ExploitsengineWebsite Security for Webmasters
14Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Data Unification Stopped in GermanyengineFacebook Marketing Forum
15How remove malware from database.sqlavery123Databases
16U.S. Senator Wants to Break Up Tech GiantsengineFoo
17i need script to display visitors city and stateameerFoo
18Zero-day: Make Sure Chrome is Updated to Version: 72.0.3626.121phranqueGoogle Chrome Browser
19Rewrite in conf filesdstilesApache Web Server
20Google Retires rel=prev/nextengineGoogle SEO News and Discussion
21Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2019NickMNSGoogle SEO News and Discussion
22The Web Turns Thirty Years OldengineFoo
23Google Tries Shoppable ads on Google ImagesengineGoogle Ads (Was AdWords)
24Any Harm In Having Duplicate PDFs If NOINDEXed?PjmanGoogle SEO News and Discussion
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26Twitter Inserts Tweets Into User's Feeds of People They're Not FollowingengineTwitter
27Promoting small new sitegraeme_pWebmaster General
28Chrome Browser Update Might Break Independent Ad BlockersengineGoogle Chrome Browser
29Bing Launches Web Analytics Tool, "Clarity"engineBing Search Engine News
30Google Alphabet Q4 Revenues up 22pct to $39.3 billionengineGoogle, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues
31Chrome Extension Password Checkup from GoogleengineGoogle Chrome Browser
32Microsoft Acquires Distributed Postgres Company, Citusgraeme_pMicrosoft Corporate
33How does Google view and index sites within a script?andreicomotiGoogle SEO News and Discussion
34“We’re working on setting you up.”fotofruitGoogle AdSense
35Cross-browser font heightRain_LoverCSS
36Google's Gary Illyes Talks About RankBrainMontresorGoogle SEO News and Discussion
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38Google 34lucy24Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
39Facebook Down WorldwideengineFacebook Marketing Forum
40MySQL, UNIQUE includes an INT field, but when it's 0?csdude55Databases
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