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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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What is Multiple domain name hosting?
5 mysterydoc 8:47 pm Nov 29, 2002
Problems with a .us registrar
3 CBudelier 1:04 pm Nov 27, 2002
Cold calls after registration
Do I blame my registrar?
5 dingman 4:48 am Nov 27, 2002
Someone is trying to register a version of your name scam....
The misleading sales tactics of some domain sellers
4 CHC 1:36 am Nov 27, 2002
Court Orders ICANN to Open Its Books
3 rcjordan 7:10 pm Nov 26, 2002
Keywords Vs Branding
Quick question.
8 Dino_M 1:43 pm Nov 26, 2002
Domains on Hold
Looking for a cheap way to put domains on backorder, 69$ a piece is too high.
6 teeceo 4:52 pm Nov 24, 2002
Which would you choose...
... when the .com of your name is taken?
14 eugenebarnes 8:36 am Nov 24, 2002
Finding Expired Domains?
Best place to find expired domain names in google and ODP..
10 cablefusion 11:03 pm Nov 23, 2002
CSS related domain expired
2 Hunter 8:16 pm Nov 22, 2002
country domain or .com for site about a specific city?
9 kapow 2:51 pm Nov 22, 2002
http://name.com rather than http://www.name.com (shared IP address)
Can the domain name without the www resolve to my www site?
10 CliffS 2:12 am Nov 22, 2002
Escaping from Verisign
Are their pitfalls?
2 mayor 11:08 am Nov 21, 2002
.net versus .us
how are they viewed outside the United States?
11 lorax 8:00 pm Nov 19, 2002
Debate : The Case of Clueless Admins in Domain Registrarville
Could the sumtotal of their website usability knowledge fill a thimball?
6 Brett_Tabke 5:53 pm Nov 19, 2002
country specific urls
can I or can't I?
4 wayne_rooney 12:00 am Nov 19, 2002
Congress Approves Dot-Kids
Child Safe Domain
9 digitalghost 10:49 pm Nov 17, 2002
What is the status of International Domain Names?
Is there any future for IDN's?
7 Hagstrom 5:22 pm Nov 17, 2002
.us domain names
Any data/opinions on these yet?
4 Nick_W 9:04 pm Nov 16, 2002
Dot name delay
It was sixth months late, wasn't it.?
5 westmeadboy 2:55 pm Nov 16, 2002
Domain Hunting...
What resources do you pool to find expired domains?
2 Racecar78 8:31 pm Nov 15, 2002
If I optimize .biz this is there a good chance of it ranking as well as .com
2 Andrew_Thomas 5:01 pm Nov 15, 2002
A bad domain name and site
What should I do about this?
6 coosblues 1:31 am Nov 15, 2002
I need help operating this domain software.....
3 teeceo 1:13 am Nov 15, 2002
domainnames time drop
what time do domains drop(2p.m pst, 3:30a.m. pst)?
2 teeceo 10:47 pm Nov 14, 2002

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