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WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup July 26

4:38 pm on Jul 26, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Google this week made a significant announcement launching Chromecast, itís latest effort to move into your living room.

Itís a dongle that allows you to stream media from the Internet, and you donít need a Net connected TV. Itís a clever little unit that allows users to synchronize the playing of media across multiple devices.

Google appears to have produced a low cost and easy to use device that it hopes will be picked up by consumers in big numbers. At that price, many may decide to take a punt at it.

Google TV appears to have failed to break through to mainstream, so this new foray might give it the opportunity to up sell.

The huge profits itís making are allowing it to innovate and invest in new technology, which it hopes will become adopted as much as its search engine.

Googleís Q2 results were out, and, despite revenues of $14 billion, up 19%, investors felt that Google hadnít hit expectations.

With major investments in self-driving cars, Google Glass, and many other technologies, and search advertising being its single biggest revenue stream, itís clear it has to break through into other sectors while it has the funds.

How the little search engine has grown, eh!

As I mentioned previously, for those of you back from vacation, don't miss the free tools on WebmasterWorld launched recently.

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup.

Google Panda update is reportedly better targeted, and other terms used include "softer." What's your experience of the latest update?Google

As mentioned earlier, Google's second quarter results were out, and as far as the analysts were concerned, the figures fell short of expectations. I find it odd that analysts seem so harsh when the performance is up 19%, at $14 billion. Nice!

On the subject of financial results, Microsoft posted Q4 revenues of $19.9 billion. Very soon afterwards, Microsoft stock drops by billions after disappointing earnings report.Microsoft

Another heavyweight, Apple, reported third quarter and showed no growth. The company posted quarterly revenue of $35.3 billion and quarterly net profit of $6.9 billion.Apple

Apple's developer site was hacked this week and at the time the story hit the mainstream, the site was still offline as Apple was working on 'hardening security.'

Another high profile hacking took place this week, and the Ubuntu Forums were closed Saturday evening, following the discovery that the site's homepage was defaced by someone who managed to gain privileged access to its underlying servers.Ubuntu

This week, a U.S. court has upheld a decision to invalidate a tech firm's claim to own technologies underpinning the web. Sir Tim Berners-Lee testified at that original Texas trial and said that if Eolas's patent claims were upheld it would "substantially impair the usability of the web". eolas

One more company to report results was Facebook, with Q2 revenue up to $1.813 billion, and net income up to $333 million. It seems investors were happier with the performance.Facebook

LinkedIn has opened its sponsored updates advertising to all. The advertising will appear to look like regular posts, but will be clearly labelled "sponsored." LinkedIn

Google is now showing Favicon images next to text ads, and the company said, "Our experiments show that adding these favicons to the ads makes advertisers more recognizable to your users, which benefits both you and the advertisers whose ads appear on your sites." What do you think, is it helping you earn more?Google AdSense

There was an interesting post this week in our Javascript and AJAX forum with interesting insights into manipulating jQuery animations.


Google has said it has added new bid adjustment reporting in Google Analytics. The company said, "we're introducing bid adjustment reporting in Google Analytics, allowing you to analyze performance for each of your bid adjustments across devices, locations, and time of day."

More news from Google with a new local time zone reporting for AdSense. It's a useful ability, rather than based upon Google's fixed timezone. Google said, "Updating your time zone preference will only affect your earnings data going forward and does not apply retrospectively."

I heard that Bing has expanded its autosuggest categories and will now show brands, movies, albums, places, software, sports teams, etc.Bing

Twitter ought to have egg on its face after being caught faking tweets to promote its ad platform. Oh dear, how low can a company stoop, especially using real users' names.


Bing has updated its translator widget, which is a handy utility for sites targeting foreign languages. Whilst no automation will be as good as the real thing, it certainly helps open up opportunities for webmasters.

Microsoft has just released a developer preview of IE 11 on Windows 7. Head over to the thread to get the link to the developer preview.

Some threads still gaining traction include, "Google's Matt Cutts: What To Expect In The Coming Months"

One webmaster asks, should I use rel="nofollow" on reciprocal links?

Time for another quick video.
"How does required duplicate content (terms and conditions, etc.) affect search?"

Personally, i'm still concerned about it. What do you think?

I hope you're enjoying your vacations!


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