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For subscribers to WebmasterWorld
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Google SEO
A forum where everything Google is in play.
Robert Charlton &
4,394   2:57 am Jan 19, 2016
WebmasterWorld Supporters
A private forum for WebmasterWorld supporters dealing with Webmaster, Tech, and Business issues related to operating and promoting a website. Thank You for your support.
engine 171,943   4:13 am Feb 14, 2016
Webhosting Issues and Options
Discussions around webhosting issues, options, and current events.
open 3,050   1:41 pm Oct 12, 2015
Website Software Support and Usage
For the discussion of Webmaster and Website Administration related software usage.
open 1,253   9:20 am Feb 14, 2016
Social Media Optimization
Discuss topics around Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking.
open 1,193   9:01 pm Nov 20, 2015
Technology Exhibitions and Conferences
This forum covers Internet and technology exhibitions and conferences of value and interest to the wider search and technology audience.
open 898   10:49 pm Oct 11, 2015
The Wall
Post anything. Very few rules: don't be annoying or rude. - Start a max of 1 thread per day. - If you post a thread, then respond to someone elses thread.
open 3,384   10:51 am Jan 29, 2016
Review My Site
A place to request site reviews.
engine &
3,549   7:15 pm Nov 12, 2015
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Social Media  
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Facebook Marketing Forum
Advertising optimization for Facebook
httpwebwitch &
5,492   11:37 pm Feb 12, 2016
All things Twitter
not2easy &
2,197   6:41 pm Feb 13, 2016
incrediBILL 751   9:55 am Jan 19, 2016
Google Plus
Using and developing for Google + social platform (Google plus)
buckworks &
380   2:44 pm Jan 23, 2016
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing and development, for social media aspects not covered by a specific forum
buckworks &
532   3:36 am Feb 12, 2016
LinkedIn - Social Media For Business
buckworks &
164   7:15 pm Feb 8, 2016
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Mobile Internet  
Mobile Internet Design, Development and Advertising - Apps - HTML5 - Ads
1,105 Category Administrator
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Native Mobile and Tablet Application Design and Development: Android, iOS, Windows
Designing app for Android, iOS, Windows smartphone and tablet application design, development and marketing
open 223   12:46 pm Jan 21, 2016
Mobile Web Site Design and Development
Web site design and development for mobile and tablet devices, including responsive design, HTML 5
not2easy 793   12:06 am Feb 12, 2016
Mobile and Tablet Advertising and Marketing
Advertising and marketing for mobile and tablet devices
open 89   12:34 pm Nov 20, 2015
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Code, Content, and Presentation  
Content, Dynamic Websites, and Languages.
615,674 Category Administrator
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JavaScript and AJAX
open 57,057   10:44 am Feb 14, 2016
Q&A around the grand topic. HTML, the heart and soul of the net.
incrediBILL 116,706   4:27 am Feb 10, 2016
Cascading Style Sheet issues and discussions. Please read the charter before posting. Charter
not2easy 97,051   2:03 am Feb 12, 2016
Apache Web Server
.htaccess, mod_rewrite, and other Apache specific topics.
Ocean10000 &
incrediBILL &
96,091   6:36 pm Feb 13, 2016
PHP Server Side Scripting
PHP is presently the most popular scripting language in use on the Internet
coopster &
jatar k
144,095   11:29 pm Feb 13, 2016
Perl Server Side CGI Scripting
Perl: The duct tape of the internet. Perl scripting language.
coopster &
jatar k &
28,593   2:27 pm Feb 12, 2016
WYSIWYG and Text Code Editors
Topics range from Front Page to a good old text editor.
open 11,114   7:00 am Sep 19, 2015
From SQL to Flat files, this forum covers database related issues, questions, and news.
open 13,736   4:18 am Feb 13, 2016
Content Management
A content rich site is a successful site on today's web. With that success breeds the inevitable problems of content management.
ergophobe 5,987   8:04 pm Feb 2, 2016
Flash and Shockwave
open 11,770   11:35 pm Feb 10, 2016
XML Development
This forum is for discussing XML, including XUL and XSL.
httpwebwitch 4,764   11:17 am Dec 19, 2015
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design
Building sharp looking and fast downloading graphics is a challenge.
not2easy 18,971   4:44 pm Feb 2, 2016
RSS, ATOM, and Related Technologies
RSS is one of the fastest growing formats on the web today.
bill &
5,685   11:40 am Sep 24, 2015
Blogging SEO Blog Administration
For the specific discussion of Blog related SEO, and Blog administration topics. See also (wordpress forum)
open 589   5:05 am Feb 11, 2016
Optimization and usage of WordPress content management system.
rogerd &
travelin cat
3,465   11:28 am Feb 14, 2016
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Hardware and OS Related Technologies  
55,090 Category Administrator
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Webmaster Hardware
From the server to your desktop, a site is only as good as the guts that built it and run it.
open 9,682   8:56 pm Feb 3, 2016
Website Technology Issues
From webservers to text editors, dealing with the alphabet soup of programs and protocols.
phranque 26,070   11:56 am Feb 14, 2016
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating Systems
Unix related discussions.
bakedjake 13,347   8:27 am Feb 13, 2016
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile Technologies
For the Webmaster on the go. WiFi topics welcome.
bakedjake 5,991   1:50 pm Feb 1, 2016
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Topics surrounding the design, production, and maintenance of a website.
382,484 Category Administrator
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Website Analytics - Tracking and Logging
Conversion rates, counters, referral strings, and user tracking issues.
DixonJones &
30,270   6:07 am Feb 11, 2016
Content, Writing and Copyright
Topics include, content creation, writing, updating, licensing, and copyright.
not2easy 28,086   3:03 pm Feb 11, 2016
Webmaster General
Got questions or comments regarding your site not covered in another board?
phranque 110,574   11:33 am Feb 14, 2016
Topics surrounding the operation of an Ecommerce site.
buckworks 58,302   11:34 am Feb 12, 2016
New To Web Development
A friendly home for those just getting started.
brotherhood of lan &
25,490   10:44 am Feb 9, 2016
Domain Names
This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.
buckworks &
68,673   5:33 pm Feb 7, 2016
Professional Webmaster Business Issues
Business and financial issues affecting webmasters, developers/designers, site owners, and consultants.
LifeinAsia &
29,047   3:19 am Jan 29, 2016
Apple Software and Technology
Apple Inc. Technology and Software
travelin cat 10,580   4:24 am Feb 8, 2016
Community Building and User Generated Content
Issues related to starting and growing online communities and user-driven web sites.
rogerd 16,552   3:43 pm Feb 10, 2016
Accessibility and Usability
This forum is about the challenges and rewards of building and maintaining accessible and usable websites.
ergophobe 3,172   7:56 am Oct 28, 2015
Web Video Creation and Optimization
Web based video creation and search optimization.
open 1,738   4:33 pm Nov 24, 2015
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Specific issues with specific browsers
14,426 Category Administrator
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Firefox Browser Usage and Support
Issues specific to Firefox usage and code rendering.
incrediBILL 7,688   6:03 am Feb 3, 2016
Opera Browser Usage and Support
Issues specific to Opera Browser usage and code rendering.
open 5,336   4:45 am Feb 12, 2016
Google Chrome Browser
Discussion of the Google Chrome Browser.
open 614   8:01 pm Feb 3, 2016
Apple Safari
Discussion of the Apple Safari Browser.
open 70   4:46 pm Jan 27, 2016
Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer
Discussion of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers
open 718   3:26 am Feb 12, 2016
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All things from Microsoft
63,437 Category Administrator bill
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Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NET
IIS management, ASP.NET, Web Forms, C#, VB.NET, VBScript, Web Services, etc.
ocean10000 26,666   11:23 am Dec 28, 2015
Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10)
PCs and portable devices running Windows Operating Systems
bill 9,184   10:07 pm Feb 10, 2016
BingAds (was MSN/Microsoft AdCenter)
News and discussions around BingAds
werty 4,341   12:08 pm Feb 12, 2016
Bing Search Engine News
The search engine from the World's #1 producer of software and one of the top portals on the Internet today.
mack 18,391   6:23 pm Feb 9, 2016
Microsoft Corporate
General business info, moves and policy about and by Microsoft.
bill 3,873   4:53 am Feb 12, 2016
Deprecated - Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System
Deprecated - Microsoft Windows 7 operating system related discussions.
bill 533   7:50 am Mar 30, 2015
Deprecated - Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System
Deprecated - For discussions around Windows 8
bill 449   7:49 am Mar 30, 2015
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One of the Internet's original cornerstones.
77,654 Category Administrator
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Yahoo Search Engine and Directory
The earliest of search engines and directory; a pre-moderated forum
martinibuster 37,199   7:37 am Dec 21, 2015
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising Network
Yahoo's Contextual Advertising Program
open 6,624   2:01 am Jun 6, 2010
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising
(aka Goto/Overture PayPerClick Network)
werty 25,011   10:16 am Jan 17, 2016
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.com
Now owned by Overture/Yahoo.
open 7,052   12:48 pm Jul 17, 2002
Yahoo Corporate
open 1,768   10:23 am Feb 9, 2016
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Marketing and Biz Dev  
Industry topics related to marketing with a focus on search engine optimization
144,202 Category Administrator
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Link Development
One of the most powerful site promotion tools at your disposal.
martinibuster 42,129   8:13 am Feb 13, 2016
Cloaking: Delivering one version of a page to one visitor and another version to others.
open 7,884   1:35 am Nov 24, 2015
Keyword Discussion
How to find and use the best keyword phrases to increase traffic, conversions, and ROI though natural search and PPC
open 13,143   2:53 am Jan 19, 2016
SEM Research Topics
Search Engine Marketing research and theory discussion.
phranque 6,965   8:13 pm Nov 2, 2015
General Search Engine Marketing Issues
General topics surrounding Search Engine Promotion (SEP/SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
mademetop 54,775   1:40 pm Feb 11, 2016
Deprecated - Search Engine Submission
rip: Posting now off on this forum.
open 19,306   4:12 pm Oct 23, 2002
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Advertising and Affiliate Programs
80,626 Category Administrator
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Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and Topics
Engines that charge for inclusion such as Altavista and Inktomi (Others have their own forum).
open 17,404   3:16 am Mar 17, 2008
Topics related to selling advertising space from your site, and affiliate program promotion.
eljefe3 &
50,530   10:42 am Feb 11, 2016
Pay Per Click Engines
General PPC Topics and Alternative Engines (FindWhat - Kanoodle - etc) . (please: no promotional drops to PPC services or utilities)
open 12,692   10:23 pm Jan 21, 2016
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Google business and products category.
1,171,538 Category Administrator engine
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Google SEO News and Discussion
A pre-moderated forum oriented towards Google SEO news for professional Webmasters and site operators.
Please read the charter before posting.
We also have a Google AdSense, and Google AdWords forums.
Robert Charlton &
aakk9999 &
brotherhood of lan &
625,543   3:40 am Feb 14, 2016
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs Projects
Topics: Google APIs, Maps, Labs projects, and anything Google not covered by another forum.
open 13,402   3:04 pm Feb 11, 2016
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues
Track Google and Alphabet Inc. related business dealings.
goodroi 27,341   5:25 pm Feb 13, 2016
Google AdWords
Google AdWords news, AdWords API, and general Google PPC topics.
buckworks &
eWhisper &
123,604   8:00 am Feb 13, 2016
Google AdSense
Discussions around Googles Text Ad service AdSense. AdSense FAQ
incrediBILL &
368,379   11:35 am Feb 14, 2016
Google Shopping (Was Google Merchant Center)
A commercial product specific search engine by Google.
open 3,859   7:22 pm Oct 19, 2015
Google News Archive
Now an archive - posting off. Please see the new Google News subforum.
open 105   10:27 am Feb 23, 2003
Google Gmail Advertising
A new way to advertise from Google.
open 9,305   10:33 am Feb 11, 2016
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Search Engines  
Promoting your site through the search engines.
142,534 Category Administrator
NewSub-Message BoardsModeratorPostsLast Message
Sitemaps, Meta Data, and robots.txt
Using a robots.txt is all part of being a good SEO. Be sure to check yours in the robots.txt validator that is available to subscribers.
goodroi 16,095   8:14 am Feb 1, 2016
Ask - Teoma
The Ask (Jeeves retired) search service and its subsidiaries have unique features and demographics.
open 4,333   8:34 am Jan 5, 2016
Alternative Search Engines
Non-specific second tier search engines.
bakedjake 22,564   3:26 pm Oct 22, 2015
From international mega portals to your home town : directories can be your most effective listings.
Webwork &
29,915   4:37 am Jan 1, 2016
Deprecated - European Search Engines
The largest collection of Euro search engine information on the internet.
open 9,300   7:49 pm Jan 29, 2002
UK Search and Internet Marketing News
News and information about Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and Marketers
IanTurner &
12,166   4:17 am Jan 10, 2016
Asia and Pacific Region
Issues surrounding Search Engines from Japan, Australia, China, Korea, and many other Asian-Pacific countries.
bill 10,888   10:37 am Feb 11, 2016
Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
PreModerated forum to id search engine spiders
Ocean10000 &
33,162   5:36 am Feb 14, 2016
Local Search
Local search is clearly a growing field and in importance to search engines and webmasters alike.
anallawalla &
3,923   11:35 pm Jan 9, 2016
Deprecated - Latin and South American Search Engines
Search engines with coverage in South America and Latin sectors
open 188   1:19 pm Dec 18, 2008
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Topics related to WebmasterWorld and our members.
266,078 Category Administrator engine
NewSub-Message BoardsModeratorPostsLast Message
WebmasterWorld Community Center
Topics and issues related to the operation of WebmasterWorld. Member introductions welcome. Please see forum charter for many FAQ's.
lawman 72,157   8:43 am Feb 13, 2016
Commercial Exchange
Want Ads: help wanted and services offered. Premoderated and can take up to a week. Read the charter before posting. Most ads not approved due to charter violations. You must be at least a full member to post.
engine 20,435   4:36 pm Feb 6, 2016
The WebmasterWorld.com water cooler for internet and tech topics that do not belong in another forum.
incrediBILL &
171,605   7:50 pm Feb 13, 2016
open 209   8:08 am Aug 13, 2015
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