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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Dedicated server
How many IP's are needed?
3 Broadway 6:46 am Aug 12, 2010
Why Do Brazil Domains Cost So Much?
5 xnavigator 8:07 pm Aug 10, 2010
DNS Pointer?
How to
2 masceo 1:14 am Aug 10, 2010
Can I write about different topics on main domain where subdomain has
Domain in a niche and subdomain in another niches.....what the SEO?
2 shamims 1:51 am Aug 9, 2010
Serious Problem with Moniker
Cant have a name server and seperate hosting account
14 SEMIntl 3:17 am Aug 6, 2010
Migrating away from Godaddy online email account
How to get emails in subfolders?
6 tigertom 11:31 am Aug 5, 2010
Paul Vixie's Proposal On DNS
There may be problems ahead.
4 jmccormac 12:38 am Aug 4, 2010
Using 'kinky' in a domain name
3 boxfish 1:48 am Aug 2, 2010
Purchasing non-gTLD and non ccTLD domains from New.net
3 Derek_Pater 9:05 pm Jul 30, 2010
ccTLD Registrations Growing
Top 10 TLDs Has Some Surprises
30 jmccormac 2:54 pm Jul 30, 2010
Domain's as the Brand only
5 Derek_Pater 6:48 am Jul 30, 2010
The Future of .Co Domains: Another Boom Leading to Bust?
Bets have now been placed
9 Webwork 12:40 pm Jul 29, 2010
Name Servers - SEO
3 mkingsle 1:55 pm Jul 27, 2010
Type-in-keyphrase.com domain Vs brand.com domain
6 drummerboy 4:49 pm Jul 25, 2010
Brand Protection Registrations
There's a lot of them.
3 jmccormac 1:58 am Jul 24, 2010
O No! O-verstock Pays $350,000. for O.co! Is O-verstock O-verdosing on "O"?
Could building a brand around a single letter domain be a move that backfires at some point?
8 Webwork 2:57 pm Jul 21, 2010
Who is very familiar with Go Daddy?
Subscribe to Email Newsletter Question
4 JPcinemamaster 12:20 pm Jul 19, 2010
Domain name still in old register after transfer complete
Transfer of domain complete whois showing new register
5 bwnbwn 3:23 am Jul 18, 2010
Microsoft Patents "Cybersquatter Patrol" a Hunter-Killer App for Discovering Squatted Brand Domains
Ironically, Microsoft overlooks registering CybersquatterPatrol.com and the domain is promptly reged and parked
20 Webwork 6:58 pm Jul 15, 2010
ICANN Approves Chinese Character Domains
8 engine 4:14 am Jul 15, 2010
WooHoo - Got My .eu At Long Last!
A 4 Year Wait
6 HuskyPup 6:53 pm Jul 14, 2010
Can I use a similar domain name
8 abersoch_windsurfer 1:11 am Jul 10, 2010
uk.com secondary domains
Do these domains have difficulty ranking in the organic listings?
3 Gillian 10:00 am Jul 6, 2010
deleted domain names list - where can i find one?
1 Mishaelo 11:34 am Jul 4, 2010
Several domain names seized by US Attorney Office in NY
Immigration patrol steps up fight against online movie piracy
5 rocker 6:30 pm Jul 1, 2010

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