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Domain Names

This forum discusses general domain issues, such as: domains as a brand, domain values, negotiating domain sales, domain inventory management, and domain monetization. We discuss many domain name issues, but NEVER specific domain names prohibited by our charter.

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Dallas Cowboys forget to renew domain name.
10 rocker 1:58 pm Nov 17, 2010
New Domain Name & Trademark
Some company has claimed a non-existent trademark on my domain name
11 irock 12:56 am Nov 17, 2010
Two urls pointing to one website
Will this affect in any situation with respect to SEs
3 Hawkhead 10:26 am Nov 6, 2010
Need Check List For Moving Set Of Company Domain Names To New Set Of Domains
Things in my direct control are easy but what about handling backlinks, etc.
6 HuskyPup 8:51 pm Nov 5, 2010
Cannabis Domains Snapped Up In Case Of Re-Legalization
4 john5000 2:09 pm Oct 31, 2010
Generic domain names - trademarks not needed
6 Whitey 3:24 pm Oct 26, 2010
Changing webhosting without affecting existing email
2 imagined 8:00 am Oct 26, 2010
Multiple parked domains, redirecting to main domain - .htaccess - mod
use htaccess and mod_redirect to show master domain name
2 lukeharris 6:44 am Oct 26, 2010
Request for Comments: Overreaching Trademark Claims and Litigation Tactics
Are corporations attempting to enforce trademark rights beyond reason?
1 Webwork 6:57 pm Oct 25, 2010
Address in WHOIS and Ownership
Address in WHOIS and Ownership
6 timden 11:58 am Oct 24, 2010
big time problem with domain registrar
I paid for the domain but never got any control panel to manage domain
2 phparion 12:48 am Oct 24, 2010
Domain-Domainer Conferences: Arranging The Deck Chairs On The Titanic?
How many self-described domainers have attended or will attend PubCon Las Vegas?
10 Webwork 3:48 pm Oct 22, 2010
How Can Domain Squatting Be Controlled
7 anand84 12:48 pm Oct 22, 2010
Domain Name Prices Increases?
Did I miss something?
9 rmg99 12:30 pm Oct 22, 2010
Cycles of Domain Offers
2 woop01 11:56 am Oct 22, 2010
Flowers.mobi sold for $6,500
3 gpmgroup 9:18 pm Oct 20, 2010
Domain Choice Recommendation
3 yoyo8 5:11 am Oct 20, 2010
I hate Ryanair domain lost to Ryanair
but only because the owner was profiting from it
3 graeme_p 10:36 pm Oct 15, 2010
Libya Shuts Down .ly Shortener
29 engine 2:33 pm Oct 13, 2010
Can I change domains and not lose serp ranking?
4 brian11 11:58 pm Oct 12, 2010
Choosing Domain: .in versus .com
which domain to use, .in or .com
5 sledge81 3:33 pm Oct 11, 2010
Moniker User Interface Redesign: Success or Failure From UX POV?
From a user interface perspective I rate if "not an improvement"
4 Webwork 12:59 pm Oct 11, 2010
Domain Name Appraisal - New what to do? Someone wants to buy from me.
13 duckxtales 2:50 am Oct 11, 2010
Copyright on Generic Local term domains?
copyright domain name ownership?
9 majestic12 11:53 am Oct 9, 2010
Multiple Domains for One Business
Which one to use as the primary?
5 Eureka5280 2:07 pm Oct 8, 2010

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