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WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 6 December

8:39 pm on Dec 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Mobile, everyone's talking about it, and everyone I know is on mobile in some shape or form, whether it be tablet, smartphone, or out and about on a laptop. Desktop reached saturation some time back.

So, with all this mobile, why don't we have more discussion about it! I wonder if many are thinking that mobile is all about social media. Well, of course, in part, it is, but it's also about e-commerce, it's about sites serving mobile and small screens on Apple, Android or Windows.

Importantly, what are you doing about mobile?

Join our discussions in our forums of the topic of developing for mobile web sites, or the forum for mobile apps, and our mobile marketing forum.

And if you'd like to help moderate any of our forums, let me know in StickyMail.

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up.

The previous WebmasterWorld Weekly is here.

There was an intriguing announcement by Yahoo this week when it said it had acquired a natural language technology company, SkyPhrase. Why would Yahoo want a natural language tech company? Are they cooking their own search capability? Most likely it'll be for mobile search.Yahoo

There was an interesting thread on the topic of comments made by Google's John Meuller. WebmasterWorld Members discuss the statement that a site's trust needs to be regained after a manual penalty is removed. How long should a site wait, and what actions to take while the site is in this period of trust redemption. Come and join the discussion.Google

For International Web Publishers, there's a new facility added to Google AdSense where Publishers can see AdSense performance reports in other than your payment currency.Google

Reports of a problem with Bing's SERPs came in this week. Was it an update going on, or is there a bug? Find out more, and join the discussion with your observations.Bing

WebmasterWorld's Google updates and SERP changes thread for December was published this week, and we'd really like to get your observations to keep this one of the most valuable posts on the Internet about Google SERPs.

In a move that surprised some, Apple said it had acquired social media analytics company, Topsy Labs. The company has access to Twitter's entire data stream.Apple

For a few weeks now WebmasterWorld members have been reporting new Google AdWords with a bright Orange/Yellow "Ad" logo. There was some speculation about what it was and when that might be rolled out. All appears to be coming clearer when you read our next thread.Google

The US Federal Trade Commission this week clarified that ads should be clearly marked so as not to deceive readers into thinking that it's editorial content, as opposed to paid content. Did Google get a heads up from the FTC? Probably. In any case, we all need to make sure we're complying with the FTC's guidelines, or be subject to scrutiny and possible penalties.FTC

Twitter's stepping up it's ad program with it's so called, Tailored Audiences. This is a cookie-based ad program, similar to re-marketing, for Twitter's promoted tweets.Twitter

Despite Google suggesting there would be no change this year, it appears WebmasterWorld members noticed a Google PageRank update this week.

There's an interesting discussion about customer care in out thread titled, how to destroy your company overnight. Lessons for all, imho.

I heard this week that Google now allows Gmail and Calendar data exports. Very handy if you like to keep your data on your hard drive, or if you'd like to export to another service.

In the light of the NSA revelation of data snooping, it appears Microsoft was pretty upset about the allegations and it said this week it's stepping up it's efforts to tighten encryption across its huge range of services.Microsoft

I just read that the Federal Trade Commission has charged that an Android App developer has deceived users over data collection and sharing. According to the FTC, it should be made clear if data is to be passed on to partners.

Microsoft said it had made some more progress in combating click fraud. It, along with the FBI, Europol and Industry Partners have been able to disrupt the ZeroAccess click fraud Botnet. This is important if you're an online advertiser.

Facebook is making changes to the news feed to, supposedly, show more relevant articles. This is important to marketers because it is becoming harder to appear in the timelines, and may, ultimately, drive more marketers to resort to advertising.Facebook

This week, Google Trends got a little a makeover with new topics and, Google says, improved predictions.

In a video this week, I had to bring this to your attention, not because I think we'll learn a great deal, but because the question is so last century and made me smile.
"Is it a good practice to combine small portions of content from other sites?" Matt's sigh was quite deep. Rightly so!

Have a productive week, until next time.



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