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WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 8 November

7:04 pm on Nov 8, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Twitter was the hot IPO for our sector this week, and it seems the sale had the usual hype to bump up the price and to get investors excited.

Shares were set at $26 each, for 70,000,000, and TWTR launched on the stock exchange on Thursday this week.

I'm sure it was no surprise to anyone that the shares immediately rocketed, and reached over $45 each, valuing the company at over $18 billion.

It's clear that there's early hype, and a great deal of interest, so it's no surprise to hear the shares dropped about 4% today, so far, from their massive 70% leap yesterday.

Where will the shares end up? Nobody really knows, of course, but the speculation is that the company will continue to advance as long as it starts to show profitability.

If you bought shares, well done. Remember, you're in it for the long run.

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up.

The previous WebmasterWorld Weekly is here.

This week WebmasterWorld Members wanted to get to the bottom the often said remark that WordPress is not secure. Is there any truth in that comment, or is it hearsay? Is WordPress the culprit, or is it poorly set up and insecure web servers? Join in on our discussion, "WordPress: A Security Problem, Or Not?"

Google has tweaked AdWords, again, and this time, the Search Network with Display Select uses improved 'signals,' as Google describes it, to improve performance in the display network. What do you think of the new Display Select capability?

This week WebmasterWorld published its monthly look at Google's SERPs changes. It seems we're getting reports of some updates going on, so do help us all by contributing to the thread. "Google Updates and SERP Changes - November 2013"

ICANN has announced it's working on a new WHOIS site to try and bring together some of the fragmentation which currently exists. I don't know that the site tells us anything new, just yet as the site is still in beta, but it's worth monitoring.

Google made an interesting announcement for App developers where its testing App indexing which it'll show in mobile SERPs. I guess it might show up in desktop SERPs at some point. Here's the thread on the topic. "Google Tests Developer App Indexing In Google Search"

Facebook announced it was introducing new 'Like' and 'Share' buttons which will roll out over the coming weeks. Read more about it here, "Facebook's New Like and Share Buttons Rolling Out"

Google said it had introduced AdSense split A/B experiments that every AdSense publisher can use, without editing any site code. Find out more about the capability in our thread titled, "Google AdSense Split A/B Experiments"

Do you struggle to put down that gadget of yours? Well, those ten or fifteen minutes each end of a flight when you have to shut down your gear is coming to an end. This week the FAA announced that gadget use during a whole flight will be allowed from the new year, with some restrictions.

I read this week that many eCommerce sites are opening bricks and mortar stores. That seem rather odd. Why do you think that might be the case?

Mozilla was quite vocal in supporting Do Not Track for Firefox some time back, however, that idea looks to be on hold. Find out what there's a delay in our thread.

A French court just ruled that Google must remove some specific images from its search index. You might think it's not an issue and wonder what all the fuss is about.

Yet another step in Google's ongoing program to get people using G+. This week it started to roll out YouTube video commenting with G+.
Google Plus

Do you remember Google's aircraft? it seems that San Jose is to become the home of Google's air force, as one commentator called it.

Video time again, and this week Matt Cutts responds to the question i've seen asked many times, "Is there an SEO disadvantage to using responsive design instead of separate mobile URLs?"

Have a wonderful week, until next time...



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