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WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup 2 August

6:23 pm on Aug 2, 2013 (gmt 0)

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According to a recent report from the UKís Ofcom, the British are changing their TV viewing habits.

It seems itís coming full circle, to an extent, where the whole family now sits in the living room with the big-screen TV showing live TV shows.

In the earliest days of TV, the family would crowd around the tiny, monochrome screen watching the output from the only TV channel. It remained that way for many years, with the family soon crowding round the color TV. As time went by, new channels slowly appeared and as families became wealthier, they installed TVs in the kidís bedroom, and in spare rooms, so that the family could watch their own shows being broadcast from, eventually, the many hundreds of digital TV channels.

Of course, we used to record our favourite shows on the video, or DVD recorder, and now the hard disk recorder, playing them back when more convenient. Along comes on-demand TV, further fragmenting the watching habits.

Now, it appears, the smartphone and tablet have changed this further, in two ways. No longer is the family computer placed in remote rooms. Generally, the human race is a social being, and itís now far more convenient, and friendlier with viewers sitting in the same room as the rest of the family, and going online with their tablet device and smartphone to interact on their social networks and with friends. More importantly, the family appears to want to react and interact to events on live TV shows, or while the show is broadcast. You must have seen all the hashtags being used. This user interaction just doesnít work with last weekís on-demand replay of the show. People want to interact at the time of the event.

This has to be a good thing for webmasters and marketers as we can react to live events with ads, sites and pages crafted around a specific event. I admit to watching a particular hashtag grow in popularity and registering a domain while the topic was popular. I also admit, I was surprised the domain wasnít already registered. Time for a new site, methinks.

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up.

With browsers becoming ever more powerful, and small-screen browsing so much easier, WebmasterWorld Members discussed the need to develop a web site for mobile users.

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WebmasterWorld Members were discussing an interesting topic in a thread titled, "The SEO Benefits of Google's Similar Site Feature" If you've never heard of this function it's a link beside the urls in some search results.

How are your ads performing under the new Google AdWords enhanced campaigns? Some are reporting better performance and others considerably worse.Google

With nofollow becoming a common requirement in some circumstances, has the press release now become seen by Google as a spammers tool?

Some WebmasterWorld members are reporting Google AdSense ads no longer matching content, and could be resulting in significantly lower revenues. Join our discussion and let's have your views.

BSkyB has succeeded in its legal move to halt Microsoft's use of the term, SkyDrive. that's going to be a real inconvenience for everyone involved. Microsoft

Finally, Google AdSense has come up with responsive ad units, in beta. This has been long awaited and requested, so it's good to hear, even if it's a beta.

Heads up if you run WordPress. The latest release, WordPress v3.6 is available with the usual bug fixes and a whole host of other improvements. This release is dubbed "Oscar," in honor of the famous jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson.WordPress

What's this, more revelations over the NSA Prism program. According to reports, it seems the NSA XKeyscore program collects almost everything a user does on the Net.

If you're like me and like to archive data, I heard that Blu-Ray is to be replaced with a new technology capable of storing up to 300 gigabytes of data. Impressive, but will media have longevity?

Don't borrow an Apple charger, unless you know its pedigree. It seems hackers have deployed rogue chargers with malicious software. Apple used to be well-known for being free from attack by hackers, however, now that Apple has become a highly popular technology, and in the hands of many individuals, it's become far more attractive to thieves. Apple has said there's a fix to come.

I heard this week that even before its official launch, Google Glass is to be banned from use by car drivers in the U.K.

Google's also bringing its voice command, used in Google Glass, to its latest Motorola MotoX phone. Get ready for people saying, "OK Google now..."

How about another quick video.
"Will Webmaster Tools give examples of which links or pages caused a manual spam action?"

See you next time.


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