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Will inlinks earn a penalty?



3:57 pm on Oct 13, 2007 (gmt 0)

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7 year old site, used to rank well in Yahoo, but eventually penalized.
Yahoo now indicates it's due to 5700 inlinks and is making a judgement that they were purchased, when they are all "natural" and occurred in the course of seven years on the web.

Anyone else scratching their head on a Yahoo penalty may want to check their inlinks and please, let us know.


8:20 pm on Oct 13, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Yahoo now indicates it's due to 5700 inlinks and is making a judgement that they were purchased, when they are all "natural"...

5700 / 7 = 814 links per year (assuming you started "naturally" accruing links from day one to a narrow niche ecommerce web store).

814 / 12 = 67 links per month accruing every day "naturally" since day one to an ecommerce web store.

67 / 30 = 2.23 "natural" links per day, every day since day one to an ecommerce web store.

Of course, some people have had "success" with the "build it and the links will come" style of waiting for links, but 5,700 natural inbounds seems extraordinary for a narrow focus web store, even at the rate of two natural link citations per day.

Pardon me for asking, but what do you mean by "natural"?


5:53 pm on Oct 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


Let me clarify, the Yahoo's inlink reporting is also inaccurate, because if a site uses FP shared borders or a dynanic template and they place our link on that template, we wind up on many pages for that domain, and each occurence counts as an inlink. They also show URL's where we don't even exist.
The report also varies wildly, with 5800 links last week and 4500 this week. A hour from now if might be 5300...or 4250...

By "natural" I mean that the vast majority occurred without any effort on my part, through the natural course of being in business on the web. I even found people linking to my home page within a frame to make it look like it was their site. I'm still fighting fires there to get them to remove these, since Yahoo probably considers this dup content.

The number of links is irrelevant. 5700 or 57,000. The bottom line is that I did not pay for a single link and used no blackhat to wind up at that number. By the sound if it, you also seem to think that I am doing something "illegal". I really love the "guilty until proven innocent" treatment.

I do run an affiliate program as part of a membership control system script on my server, so anyone participating (only a few dozen active affiliates) would be inlinking.
I have about 30,000 paid customers, and many have sites that for whatever reason, they place a link on...and it's not even the affiliate link.

I mean really, when someone bookmarks you on del.icio.us that counts as an inlink? 14 people did that on their own. I also get emails on a daily basis of webmasters asking for a link exchange. I no longer participate in link exhanges. When I DID participate (during that time when link exchanging first appeared), I had no more that 100 hand picked PR 3 + sites with which I traded links. I have since shut down ALL link exchnages. I never traded with link farms, but apprently they added my site.

MB, if you'd like, I can PM you the link that Yahoo used to show the "excessive" inlinks.

I guess if a site gets popular, and gets a lot of inlinks, it's a threat to Yahoo's popularity and they penalize they site. The perfect monopoly preserving mechanism.

In the mean time, they continue to index junk.


5:37 am on Nov 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

People talk about Google Bombing but Yahoo bombing is much easier to accomplish. Just put anchor text on about 20 sites, sitewide and BOOM, bye bye competitor. Yahoo simply don't care either.

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