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XML Development

This forum is for discussing XML, including XUL and XSL.

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Newton Gets Hosted
PHP5 != libxslt Support
1 cmarshall 2:46 pm Apr 10, 2007
How to update a sitemap?
5 PowerUp 8:32 pm Apr 9, 2007
Look for advice on the best way to do something
4 mattyb515 1:59 pm Apr 5, 2007
Including HTML formatting in XML content
How can I get a <b> tag to bold a word within an XML element?
5 StupidScript 1:38 am Apr 4, 2007
Extracting a Bunch of Values, then Iterating Over Them
I want to make like Scrooge McDuck, and grab everything first.
9 cmarshall 12:55 pm Apr 3, 2007
Parsing XML with PHP
4 nealw 1:46 am Apr 2, 2007
What Time Is It?
Newton wants to know where Mickey's little hand is.
8 cmarshall 2:51 am Apr 1, 2007
Playing With XPath Result Sets
If we can juggle hackeysacks, why not meat cleavers?
5 cmarshall 2:20 am Apr 1, 2007
Sorted Categories
Moving Along, Our Valiant n00b Hits a Cinder-Block Wall...
4 cmarshall 2:28 pm Mar 31, 2007
submit xml file to a url as a request
for UPS tracking we have to submit XML request
3 Jaunty_Edward 12:43 pm Mar 31, 2007
Okay, I didn't Need Variables, How Do We Decide Where to Go?
17 cmarshall 3:27 am Mar 30, 2007
Subroutines and Loops
Repeat When Necessary
1 cmarshall 8:23 pm Mar 28, 2007
Are There Any Common XSL Transform Stylesheets?
I'm wondering if there are transforms for standard formats.
1 cmarshall 2:30 pm Mar 28, 2007
On to Variables
The Adventures of Newton the n00b Continues...
3 cmarshall 6:21 pm Mar 27, 2007
Error with sitemap.xml
3 todaou 3:22 pm Mar 27, 2007
How to Create Sitemap.xml using Dreamweaver?
2 PowerUp 4:56 pm Mar 26, 2007
exclude-result-prefixes Whack-A-Mole
Nail it in one element, and it pops up in another
2 cmarshall 1:14 pm Mar 26, 2007
XSLT Namespace Problem
With Namespace: XSLT Works, but Schema Breaks
2 cmarshall 10:29 pm Mar 25, 2007
Confusing XSL Referal
Using if test to solve an issue
2 Maikeru 5:43 pm Mar 21, 2007
Why Does the Second Iteration of an xs:sequence Fail Schema Validation
Moving Right Along, We are now Validating Data...
2 cmarshall 4:25 pm Mar 18, 2007
Silly Newbie XML Schema/Namespace Problem
Cannot find the declaration of element 'meetingdatalist'.
1 cmarshall 12:00 am Mar 18, 2007
Getting My XML Feet Wet in PHP
Boy, What A Boulliabaise of Information! All I Need is a Simple Example.
1 cmarshall 10:20 pm Mar 16, 2007
Create an output that displays items based on a part of a string
1 forzatio 6:04 pm Mar 5, 2007
Suggestion, php & mysql or XML?
what are the advatages of XML
6 drooh 12:30 am Mar 4, 2007
Child Node Names and ASP
How I can identify which link node I wish to use?
5 Chris_H 4:25 pm Mar 1, 2007

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