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Welcome to DevShed and SEOChat members

6:48 pm on Jun 24, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Note: I'm x-posting this in three places, Mods if you disagree, please feel free to nuke.


I regret that Brett found it necessary to close DevShed and SEOChat. While a long time WebmasterWorld member I was also an Admin at Cre8asiteforums and know the gut wrench and loss when Kim had to shut the doors. Every webdev forum built an unique community and voice within the greater niche; that, for various reasons, many of these communities have diminished, been forced to retire, or move lessens our overall body of knowledge.

WebmasterWorld is not SEOChat nor is it DevShed. It is, however, a place full of curious folk who like to poke and prod, help and share, hypothesise and test, complain and cry in their beer. So I hope that some of you forum-less immigrants notice that WebmasterWorld has no wall beyond simple registration, a reasonable set of ToS aka play nice and don't feed the curmudgeons, and is, all in all, a rather pleasant place to hang and to learn.

My personal webdev interests:
* affiliate presell; especially direct rather than through third party networks.
* analytics (other than GoAn/Piwik); especially real time.
* API ad delivery.
* contextual content delivery.
* direct ad space marketing.
* natural language programmed site search.
* personalisation, visitor fingerprinting, x-device usage identification within bounds of privacy ethics and regulation.
* machine learning; especially for analytics and contextual delivery.
* etc.

Hope we can find topics of mutual interest to discuss.
8:18 pm on June 24, 2019 (gmt 0)

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My personal welcome as well.

Sorry your old home was lost ... but there's plenty of room and I hope you will make it your home in the future!