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Top WebmasterWorld Discussions and News of 2016

Small selection for your edification

6:56 pm on Jan 25, 2017 (gmt 0)

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I was asked several times for a round-up of some of WebmasterWorld's best discussions and hottest news stories of 2016, so here goes. This is a very small selection from many thousands of discussions, so i've picked a few that are either significant in some shape or form, or still relevant today. Follow the links below for the individual stories.

January 2016
Google's (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages - What's It All About]Google Amp [webmasterworld.com]
Detecting and Managing Sophisticated IP Spoofing [webmasterworld.com]
John Mueller: Title tags "not the most critical part of a page" [webmasterworld.com]
Google SERPs Showing Hijacked or Hacked Sites [webmasterworld.com]

February 2016
Google AMP SERPs Go Live Wednesday 24 February [webmasterworld.com]
How Brands are Buying Their Way to the Top of Google [webmasterworld.com]
IAB Says Ad Blocking is a War on Diversity and Freedom of Expression [webmasterworld.com]
What to do When a Site Drops in Google's SERPs [webmasterworld.com]

March 2016
Google Mobile SERPs Update in May Increasing the Effect of Mobile Ranking Signal [webmasterworld.com]
Server Farms 2016 [webmasterworld.com]
Microsoft Makes SQL Server for Linux [webmasterworld.com]
The Problem With SEO "As Usual" [webmasterworld.com]

April 2016
Opinion: How SEO Best Practices Became Irrelevant [webmasterworld.com]
Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Released: Run Native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows [webmasterworld.com]
New Round of Google Sending out Bad Linking Notices [webmasterworld.com]
Google Takes Action Against "Clickjacking" [webmasterworld.com]

May 2016
The Legacy of Spinning Articles [webmasterworld.com]
Getty Images Files E.U. Complaint Against Google for Enabling Image Piracy [webmasterworld.com]
Google to Roll Out Mobile SERPs Update, in May, Increasing Mobile Ranking Signal [webmasterworld.com]
IAB Lays Out Plans on L.E.A.N. Scoring to Stem the Tide of Ad Blocking [webmasterworld.com]

June 2016
How Google Can Determine Trust [webmasterworld.com]
2016 State of the Internet Trends Report [webmasterworld.com]
I'm Tired of The "Is SEO Dead?" Question [webmasterworld.com]
Google RankBrain "involved in every query" [webmasterworld.com]

July 2016
Wave of AdSense Account Closures July 2016 [webmasterworld.com]
Why AdSense is Alive and Well [webmasterworld.com]
What Now for Directories in 2016 [webmasterworld.com]
Pinterest Ecommerce and Rolls Out Buyable Pins to the Web [webmasterworld.com]

August 2016
Making Links Usable Again [webmasterworld.com]
Google AdSense: How Best to Tackle Content Thieves [webmasterworld.com]
Google Confirms Support for JSON-LD Breadcrumbs [webmasterworld.com]
World Wide Web is 25 Years Old [webmasterworld.com]

September 2016
Google Penguin 4.0 Confirmation, is Now Part of Core Algorithm, and Realtime [webmasterworld.com]
Link Building Mistakes of the Professionals and Newbies [webmasterworld.com]
Google Chrome Will Mark HTTP Sites Transmitting Passwords or Credit Cards as Non Secure [webmasterworld.com]
Twitter Changes What Counts in 140 Characters, Making Longer Tweets Possible [webmasterworld.com]

October 2016
Google Mobile-Only Search Index Coming Within Months [webmasterworld.com]
Going Font-Less [webmasterworld.com]
Server Farms - Update [webmasterworld.com]
Blocking the IP of a Bot that is hogging resources [webmasterworld.com]

November 2016
Penguin: Core, Realtime [webmasterworld.com]
Publishers Give Google AMP Mixed Reviews [webmasterworld.com]
Google Announces Mobile-First Indexing Experiments [webmasterworld.com]
Microsoft Takes Platinum Membership at The Linux Foundation [webmasterworld.com]

December 2016
The Stress-Less Way to Move to HTTPS [webmasterworld.com]
Should We Still be Concerned About "Bad" Links? [webmasterworld.com]
Good Old Fashion Checklist SEO for 2017 [webmasterworld.com]
Are Search Results Being Throttled? [webmasterworld.com]
7:12 pm on Jan 25, 2017 (gmt 0)

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My Predictions for 2017:
Adsense ad-balancer
The release of Bootstrap-4 (currently (jan 6) in alpha-v6 release, beta should be coming soon)