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WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 20 December

9:44 pm on Dec 20, 2013 (gmt 0)

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As the year draws to a close, it’s worth a quick summary of some of the year’s highlights, and where we might be headed for 2014.

Google continued to press ahead with its Panda and Penguin updates, and introduced Hummingbird to us all. The impact of Panda and Penguin is probably the most far reaching, as it seemed to impact so many sectors. The problem for many webmasters was the collateral damage as innocent sites were hit. This probably wouldn’t have been a major problem if Google’s search share were on a par with the competition. Bing and Yahoo’s share still doesn’t take a big enough slice of the search cake to satisfy many, and that is, perhaps, why Google’s updates draw so much attention.

Mobile continued its sector growth as more and more users acquire smartphones and tablet computers and this upward trend will likely continue for some time to come. Clearly, desktop is not doomed, but the search share from desktop will continue to fall as the new mobile technology is adopted.

One other factor to consider is the maturation of social media. It’s now reaching the point where services, such as Facebook and Twitter, are no longer new kids on the block, and have become accepted forms of communication for many. Social media and mobile seem linked, too.

Personally, I was saddened of the passing of a dear friend, and one of WebmasterWorld’s greatest contributors, Ted Ulle, tedster. I know many miss his presence, and his selfless dedication to help educate and inform newbies and old hands, alike. One thing is for sure; we have all learnt something from him. As I see it, I want to help continue to spread all those wonderful things I learnt from Ted over the years. His legacy lives on!

WebmasterWorld launched a wide range of free webmaster tools, including Webmaster Site tools, SEO tools, Social tools, Schema Code tools, PPC tools, and Web Design tools, amongst others. We also have some exciting new tools in development, so watch this space for more information. Oh, and don’t forget that these are free tools for WebmasterWorld Members.

Looking forward to 2014, it’s clear that mobile use will continue to grow, and that social media use will start to become not just a time-related function, but also a cost for use. Marketers will need to factor in those costs to their budgets if they are to use the service to target audiences.

One topic that has always been in the back of my mind is privacy, or lack of. It seems to me that so many Internet users have accepted the barn-door-open privacy for the free use of services. In time, I’m sure many more will become concerned over how their lives online will look to marketers. The revelations over Government spying will continue, even if many are no longer surprised by the news of the latest twist in data extraction.

There are so many topics I wanted to summarise, so perhaps i’ll leave them to the individual threads here on WebmasterWorld.

Please RT, ‘like’ and +1 WebmasterWorld wherever you see it, and help bring some knowledge and traffic for all of us.

This is the final WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up of 2013, until it returns in January 2013. With that, i’d like to take this opportunity of wishing you and your family a very healthy and Happy Christmas, and a Prosperous 2014.

Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Kali Xronia, Bonne Année, Ein Gutes Neues Jahr

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up.

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I thought we'd have a different type of video for this issue, and this one's about, "Good humour is Good Business"

It's a little longer than the usual video, but worth watching. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and importantly, have fun!

We'll be back in the New Year, so in the meantime, enjoy your holidays and don't forget to have fun!



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Awesome video -- Thanks for sharing it!
12:32 pm on Dec 30, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I'm pleased you liked it. It's always worth learning a little in each and everyday, and i'd count this as worth the time spent.