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WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 4 October

6:39 pm on Oct 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

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That Google Hummingbird algorithm update has kept us all busy this week, and between Panda and Penguin, we're getting hit by animals all over.

Survival is possible, and by no means is it a complete write-off. It's just got tougher to do what we used to do.

I had a "unnatural links" notification for a small and insignificant site which has has a link page to its 'friends.' There's hardly a network in sight, and the page has less than fifteen links on it. In the next week i'll get around to exploring in more detail as to why it's getting such a notification. If it's just fifteen links, I wonder if Google's turned the dial too far. What's most likely is there's a connection to a bad network somewhere there.

It'll be interesting digging, for sure.

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Welcome to this WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-up.

The previous WebmasterWorld Weekly is here.

Google has said it is now adding G+ hashtags to search. This means you should soon start to see G+ messages with hashtags in the SERPs.Google+

A new carousel-like entity is appearing in Google search when searching for "artist name songs, and YouTube videos are appearing in bigger view.Google

In a new thread following up about authorship, and whether it is a ranking factor, WebmasterWorld Members try an understand the topic in more detail. Join our thread titled, "Google Authorship Not (yet) a Ranking Factor, per John Mueller"

According to a report, a security company had disabled 500,000 ZeroAccess Botnet-Infected computers. The interesting thing from my point of view is the report that the botnet is implicated in click fraud.

Google has launched a new tool for advertisers developing HTML5 ads, "Google Web Designer" The tool is only in beta right now, but it sure has to be worth a look.

This week, some WebmasterWorld Members were concerned that the the U.S. Government shut-down may be impacting their AdSense earnings. Join in the discussion.Google AdSense

How does an eCommerce site fit into the authorship debate? Join our thread on the topic, titled, "Understanding Duplicate Ecommerce Product Descriptions and Ecommerce Rankings (ref: John Mueller)"

Many of us have International or multi-language sites in our portfolios. This week, Google's Maile Ohye published a helpful video on the topic, and here's our thread, and the video. "Best Practice For Site Language Variations rel="alternate" hreflang"

"Expanding your site to more languages"

WebmasterWorld Members discuss SEO after Google algo Hummingbird... and why referrer data has become less relevant. Join in on our discussion on the topic.

In yet another move to get more of us using G+, Google has said that YouTube comments are now powered by Google+YouTube

Finally, it's here, Twitter's IPO filing is official.Twitter

One WebmasterWorld Member wanted to know how to tell if Google's Hummingbird algo update has impacted a site. Find out more in our thread on the subject.

What do you do when a site is well established in its niche and, due to changes in the subject material, the site shifts to the new topic, yet Google still only sees the site in the original niche: "Site Typecasting by Google"

Adobe has admitted a hack has gotten into customer data and its source code. Apparently, 2.9 million customers may have been affected.Adobe

This week, Google acquired a gesture-recognition software company called Flutter.

There was a handy addition to Google AdWords with the announcement that it now supports copy and paste in its interface.

Yahoo was chastised over its relatively poor offer to bug reports. It was sending out a Yahoo T-shirt. That's now being reviewed, and reporters should now receive commensurate reward.Yahoo

It seems that Windows RT is not part of Dell's new device release. Oh dear. Is this the end for Windows RT! Microsoft

Google+ iOS SDK has a new version, 1.4.0, now with in-app share and ID token support.

I heard that Chrome (beta) for Android now has application shortcuts and faster search capability.

Keeping track of your traffic in Google Play is a little easier now with Google Analytics for mobile apps.

If you're using the Google AdWords API, you ought to know that the new version, v201309, is released, and v201302 is to sunset on November 8.

It seem that French bookshops have made progress against Amazon's domination in the country as France has passed approval for a law to combat Amazon's sales discount tactics.

That's all for now. Have a splendid week!



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