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WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup May 2

8:25 pm on May 2, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I was lucky enough to participate in Pubcon New Orleans, 2013, with the many hundreds that attended, and what a great conference it was. There were an excellent range of sessions which were educational and entertaining, along with some great networking.

This was my first time back at the great city of New Orleans since the disaster of Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005. Itís clear that there are many scars on the city which may never be healed, however, what I saw from the redevelopment and the facilities, Iíd say that things are well back in order.

The people of the fair city couldnít be more welcoming, and Iíd thank all the kind and considerate people who contributed to making my time there a delight. New Orleans deserves some positive attention.

I do hope that Pubcon returns to New Orleans again, and in the not too distant future.

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Welcome to this week's WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup.

By now i'd hope that all Google AdSense Publishers would have accepted the latest changes to AdSense Terms and Conditions.Google AdSense

Microsoft's third quarter results were out, and many were wondering how the company was doing, in light of Windows 8 sales, and what appeared to be happening with tablet computers, etc. Well, Microsoft is a huge company involved in many sectors, so its results were not that bad. Microsoft Third Quarter Results: Revenues of $20.49 Billion I was pleased to hear that the online service division is continuing to grow. Microsoft

While on the topic of quarterly results, Google's were out, too. On a consolidated basis, Google Inc. revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2013 were $13.97 billion, an increase of 31pct compared to the first quarter of 2012. Google's First Quarter 2013 Results: Revenues of $13.97 Billion.Google

Phishing hit the real big time when the Associated Press had its account hijacked. At first, it looked real, and markets reacted badly to the news. It wasn't long before the AP realised what was going on, but by then, the damage was done. "AP Twitter Account Hacked, Fake Tweet Falsely Described White House Explosions" I'm seeing phishing attempts getting more and more sophisticated, and i'm seeing more of them every day. We all need to be vigilant, and tell your family and friends, too. Twitter

Shortly after the event, Twitter contacted all news organizations warning them that there are likely to be more phishing attempts.

What do you do with duplicate Meta descriptions? WebmasterWorld Members discuss the issue of handling duplicate Meta descriptions and the effect on SEO, in our thread titled, "WebmasterWorld Members discuss the issue of handling duplicate Meta descriptions and the effect on SEO."

This week, WebmasterWorld Members are discussing the exorbitant charges levied by some directories for link removal. Is this holding webmasters to ransom, or should it be ignored until a problem occurs? Join in our thread and have your say on the matter.WebmasterWorld

Bing announced that Bing Webmaster tools had added two new features: Malware Re-Evaluation and Geo-Targeting. Very useful!Bing

Facebook announced its Q1 revenue was up 38% to $1.46 billion. Again, mobile is showing strong growth, and I expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.Facebook

I read this week that Google is to sunset the AdWords spreadsheet edit feature by May 30. That was useful for those of us with bulk uploads to make.

We're all familiar with eye tracking for research, however, I heard that developments are under way to change and deliver ads based upon the eye movements and viewer interest. Wow, that's scary, and it now worries me if I look at an interactive display.

I heard that UK law makers were again to question Google UK over its tax "inconsistencies."

It seems that Yahoo's plan to acquire shares in French Dailymotion site were scuppered when the French decided they didn't want a deal.Yahoo

Google announced it is adding G+ App activity to the desktop search. It's an interesting move, and another push to encourage uptake of G+.

Tablet computer sales are on the up, according to the latest report, and in Q1 were 142% higher than a year ago.

I read that Mozilla has sent a C&D letter over surveillance software which is purporting to play on the Firefox name. I wonder how this one will turn out.

We'll be back next week, so in the meantime, if you've found some news that we haven't covered or discussed, drop me a message, or post it yourself and let me have the link.
Enjoy your week!


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