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WebOwnerworld Viability?

Viability of non-geek interneter?

11:34 pm on May 31, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Might the following be viable?

I think I spot an opportunity.

I draw on paper what I want the web pages to look like or at least the general layout, the flow chart of which pages link to which others, and what functionality is required on each page. Low tech. Pencil and paper, scan it in, send it to experts.

I find a designer who can design drafts for initial implementation and A/B testing.

I find a coder who can write very secure php and mysql and javascript to make the implementation work. For example, I say button A puts the form data into a database. Form C provides choices for someone to search the database and pull out appropriate data. Button D plays an audio file. Then I say, "You coder, are to make all these things work."

I find a server management service to host the site and daily back it up and check it for security violation attempts and update any security requirements.

Thus leaving me free to work on marketing and content additions.

I guess anything would be viable if the sales were of products or services with sufficient margin to pay for all of the above.

So I guess my question is whether the above model is commonly used.

The question arises whenever I catch myself spending time trying to learn about design, coding, or server administration, then wake up from the dream when I realize my folly when there are people out there with four year degrees, and/or many years of experience, in design, coding, hosting and security.

So, anyone know if the model is used?

Are most of the people on Webmaster world people with expertise in one of the above areas (and as I can see from the other board categories many others such as e-commerce and marketing).

Gee if I could also hire out those, I guess I just spend time coming up with interesting ideas upon which to gamble by paying experts to pull it off for me.

1:36 am on June 1, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Well, to answer the underlying question, WebmasterWorld is a mix of just about everything and everybody: one-man bands, small shops, major players in all fields, generalists, specialists and everything in between. That's what makes it kind of a special place--if there's a question in any space somebody, somewhere can usually come up with an answer.

As for your specific question, sure, you can hire out just about anything, anytime. And in most cases you probably should; if your time is money then spend it doing what you do best.

9:15 am on June 2, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Yes, this can be a great business model.

I'm a coder but I don't like / am not so good at marketing, sales, or design. I've spent time building relationships with professionals who are at least one of the above but who don't like / aren't so good at coding. Between us we offer clients a better service than we could alone, and get to do what we enjoy most / are best at.

The biggest challenge is finding the right people to team up with.