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how to handle big competitors all alone

one man army



12:38 pm on Mar 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member


Many times i feel i cant do every thing all alone

developing for my website
coding for my website
learning new stuff of drupal
learning SEO
learn how to get links
support my customers
add new products for customers
handle those foolish mistakes i make ( am alone whos working)
earn some money to keep my self motivated for this , my dream project
handling customer queries
managing my personal life , fighting myself

i left my job about 7 months ago , am 23( minus one day, 17 march tomm is my bday) for this project

my competitors are people with solid backup of revenue , they have purchased services i guess of SEO , link buliding , web designing people
they have money to buy directory links , hired people to get those incoming links , design websites , and support customers

They can hire services to top experts which i cant compete being starter

I know i too have lot advantages , my costs are far less then those , all my profits are mine , i am learning everything from bits and bytes

I am missing how to manage this all alone , i know i have to win , make this project great success

I am learning , doing , making mistakes , learning doing ( these days am working to how to code in php , i feel one must know atleast html , css and php to save money on web designing)

i need your guidance to how to manage time , how to keep my own personal life on track , my parents are at times too angry as am on computer all day night when i am awake , i left job for this my father at times feel i made a mistake , at times i cry ...i made mistake but next moment when i remember my dream am :) , every idea must be tried atleast and its worth to repent after seeing results then repenting without implementing it

i know its working , i am having good future onto this , i dont know why i am writing this all , may be you must have gone through this situation once in start of your career , many might have passed and many might have failed , i seek your guidance , please how to manage this all , i am not afraid to learn and do , but at times i feel big companies which have solid backup of investors tend to outsmart you

i am happy with way things are going on , except Google traffic trends , its letting me down , its so difficult to tame the biggie , i am amongst top in yahoo but taming the big G is whats the real game

thanks to all of you here at WebmasterWorld , who made me learn lot , i still remember my those days when i started with html , frontpage .....those Golden days i missed those

Please do share your time management , learning skills , managing all the affairs and how you still keep yourself far away from your competitors and
offcourse keep YOUR SELF and YOUR LOVED ones HAPPY really from deep inside

How you manage your time?
How you keep learning new skills?
How you keep track of many website you run?
How you carry out SEO ( do you outsource)
How you carry out linking (?)
How you keep website rolling and offcourse earning

Although rules are same for all types of websites , but my focus is mainly on those who are really selling something , or providing something to customers and not made for Adsense websites

One thing more i need names of some universities where i can carry out my further education Masters degree in Web designing stuff , i know its very broad field (with each day as am learning my vison horizon is expanding)

Mods , plz if you feel this is not right thread at right place please feel free to move it in FOO , but i know everything written here is relevant to all of us and is really not FOO , atleast for me , my My Dream project is not FOO


1:44 pm on Mar 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

benevolent001, you certainly have a lot of questions! Here's a couple responses...

First, keep learning and doing, and focus on creating a few success stories.

Many of the large web design firms are known for the quantity of their clients - not by the number of success stories they have to tell. A small web design firm, even a one-man/woman-show, can often produce results significantly greater than the larger firms. Do a search for most any product or service, and you will often see page 1 filled with websites of smaller companies created by smaller web designers and SEO firms.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity will generally result in referrals that will assist you in developing the future success of your business.

As far as furthering your education, I would never discourage it, but keep in mind that you might learn a lot more through your own experiences and information online from WebmasterWorld and other resources. If there is any possibility that you may want/need to work for another company in the future, a degree combined with "real-world" experience, can be an invaluable combination.

Regarding many of your other questions you have such as SEO, link building, etc., there are voluminous threads here on WebmasterWorld that can provide you with hours/days of reading enjoyment...

As far as time managment - there's 168 hours in a week, and most people waste more than 3/4 of that. ;)

Good luck.



9:53 pm on Mar 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

benevolent001, I know where you're coming from. It's hard to compete against the other guy's resources when you're doing it all yourself. Believe me, I've tried and am trying.

Netguy is right about creating success stories. Set small goals for yourself and then reward yourself as you achieve them. It may seem like time is short, but you do not have to do everything overnight. One brick at a time until you have a great pyramid. This is important to keep you motivated so you don't burn out. The main thing is to not get down and try to focus on the positive.

Learn to do everything you can yourself, don't pay for any learning. All the info on doing everything online is available for free on the web. Tons of instructional documents and loads of helpful folks on free forums (um, like THIS one!)

This includes learning how to code, how to promote/SEO your site and business strategy. Just get really good searching for stuff on Google, etc. and be persistent.

Recruit some friends to help however they can. Do they write? Take pictures? Can they at least post about your site in forums/blogs (a great promotional tip, btw...)? You may need to bribe them with beer or home cooked meals.

If you outsource anything, make sure to do the math to determine if you can get back what it's costing you (look up Return on Investment or ROI). This may be money, or it may be value in other ways.

Making time for loved ones should be your meter for keeping your life in balance. If you feel they are being neglected or you want to spend more time with them -- DO! That's what those feelings are for. Oh, and make sure to get some sleep now and then too.

Whew! There's my 30 second seminar for the one-man-army... Hope it's useful to anyone.

Fortune Hunter

3:25 am on Mar 17, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member


Keep your chin up, I know it can be rough, I used to work for one of the monster web development companies you refer to and one day we decided we didn't like each other any more and parted ways on what I would say wasn't exactly the best of terms. I started my own one man company against their 40 person firm and they were only one of several in my market place. I struggled like hell for a long time. Piece by piece I built it up one client at a time. Eventually my cash flow supported additional marketing and then an assistant and now I have 2 really good contractors that might as well work for me.

I have now arrived at a point where I am starting to pick at the heels of my old employer. I haven't taken a chunk out of them...yet, but that day is coming. Just focus on short easy to accomplish tasks that fit into an overall master plan. Find what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is and work it hard to get new clients, testimonials, success stories, etc. Plow the cash you make back into marketing and sales efforts and keep building. One day you will look up and not recognize yourself at first, then you will know you have arrived.


7:40 am on Mar 17, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

thanks Steve , quixote , Fortune Hunter for your valuable comments

As per your suggestions i would continue my learning spree and wont take services of any third party atleast at this moment , till i master everything myself

I have planned to divide my time into various slots and would spend everyday some fixed amount of time on each of activity

I have noticed my majority of time i spent till now has been on reading WebmasterWorld , books etc , i will continue to do so .But at times i feel am reading too much and not applying those tricks learned

So to kep my self practical i am going to follow learn try learn try model

I have make list of at present my major activites
I have divided them into three groups and i would take up one from each group every day and would be rotating these three activities throught week, i am going back to school days when i used to have fixed time table for every activity

I guess this will help me for sure and i will be able to get much much better results with my coherent efforts

Today my activites are

Learn about php strings
SEO , especially linking game
Landing pages
Learning about Adwords continued

And its my bday today so i would spending my evening with my friends , we are going to have good weekend after long long time

Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions , it was great mental booster to have inputs from you

thanks Steve , quixote , Fortune Hunter for your valuable comments


5:48 pm on Mar 18, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Today my activites are

Learn about php strings
SEO , especially linking game
Landing pages
Learning about Adwords continued

benevolent001, if you need help understanding any of these things feel free to shoot me a private message and I'll try to help you if I can.


5:54 pm on Mar 18, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member


Thanks for your offer , i will sure message you , i am trying to learn the things . I will write you what i am and how i am trying to learn , would be happy to get your feedback on that , if i am on right track

thanks once again


11:23 pm on Mar 25, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

i think being a one man team or freelancer is even better because of more freedom,more money to keep for yourself and you get to be proud of yourself of your final achievment while in a larger firm you do just a small part of a project usually its just like any other business each have their own goods and bads. For me the solo style work is better bu hen we need to keep learn and learn because in the large development companies hey have individuals or each specialy such as coders,webdesign,marketing,content writer...etc but knowledge is power and learing about what you like to do is fun and who said linking development is to expensive? PM me and i can share with you how i did it,and the others are right ,almost everything you need to learn is free to find on the and with this job the learning never stops:)


11:18 am on Mar 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

The most important advice I can give you is:

Have a strong and good looking portfolio.

Don't design the same way for each project. Put as much new knowledge as you can into the next site. Experiment, play around. Just keep pushing your boundaries as much as possible.

I spent a good number of years in a dark, dingy room taking sites apart and seeing how they were built. I then tried to better what had been done. I was and still am a workaholic but if you love the job you do is it really a bad thing as long as you have time for you family?

The biggest problem you have?
Everyone thinks they are a web designer. You'll have eight old kids offering to do the site for a fiver. Designers from different countries will charge next to nothing for something you'd want to be well paid for.

Word of mouth is King IMHO when it comes to small time companies. When I started off I did the first 5 sites for free to build my portfolio. The next 5 were dirt cheap. After that Word of mouth started happening and it slowly took off.

Know when to quit if you have to! The business was ok but it wasn't reliable enough for me and the mortgage so I'm now working for a very large company and doing freelance work instead. In the long run all that hard graft paid off!


12:15 pm on Mar 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Hello Animated and Simon

Thanks for your valuable suggestions , i have noted whatever points you mentioned , i am trying to keep things smooth and learn things one by one...there is so much to learn its all how you manage your self , time in reading doing your bussiness etc

I shall message you Animated , i for sure need methods to build links , this is really tough job for me , i have just one link which Google shows at moment and thats why my website is no where in Google although its doing good on yahoo


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