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Yahoo My Web BETA

"Find it, Save it, Never forget it." Including your web pages...



1:20 am on Apr 27, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Didn't google just do this? My Search History...

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6:23 pm on Apr 28, 2005 (gmt 0)

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The ability to search on-page for your stored pages is a really useful thing.

As del.iciou.us and furl has been mentioned already, there's also spurl.net


7:06 pm on Apr 28, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Another Misunderstanding
The default in MyWeb is to send the user directly to the live site when you click on the title and a user has to click on the "my cached copy" link down below to go to your personal cached copy. Can people please try out the product rather than taking the misinformation in this thread as fact.
10:48 pm on Apr 28, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Tim, your sticky mailbox is full, so i'll post this here in stead:

I took MyWeb for a spin a few hours ago, but have been busy since, so this is how i remember things:

I thought importing my bookmarks would be the most natural first thing to do, so i said yes to that, believing that it would import my browser bookmarks.

First hurdle:
It only imported my Yahoo! bookmarks, which were only three (i was on Firefox). So, i tried hitting the button again, this time removing the checkmark. I got told that this worked with IE only.

Second hurdle:
Okay then - i tried shifting to IE and everything worked. Only, i forgot that all my bookmarks had been moved to Firefox and all but very few of them deleted from IE. So, what now, i thought....

I went to Yahoo! Bookmarks, of course, thinking that i could import my Firefox bookmarks there, and then import them into MyWeb from there. Okay... Choose "Netscape" -> Save Firefox bookmarks as file -> click "Browse" -> click "import" -> No problem.

Third hurdle:
Yahoo! Bookmarks will only import 1,000 bookmarks. But... check the little checkbox below thergreen error message which tells you to do so, and you can import the rest. So i did... and 1,000 Bookmarks were imported, no more than that.

Okay, that's not quite enough, but for a test run it should do, so off to MyWeb to import from Yahoo! Bookmarks...

Forth hurdle:
As i had removed the checkmark in Yahoo! Bookmarks (first hurdle) and were on Firefox, all i got was a message stating that this only works in IE. No option to import from Yahoo! Bookmarks - that option had gone completely and no matter what i did i could not bring it back.

Okay then, switch to IE, login again.

Fifth hurdle:
Well, the page can identify that i'm on IE so it pops up a checkbox saying "Import IE Bookmarks". That's allright, but... i really want to import my Yahoo! Bookmarks now, so i remove the checkmark thinking that then it will give me an alternative option; ie. to import my Yahoo Bookmarks (as if that would not have been on the first screen). Nope. I'm wrong.

So, i end up:
- Having imported only a fraction of my bookmarks into Yahoo! Bookmarks

- Having imported totally irrelevant Bookmarks from IE into MySearch (IE-specific "links" folder)

- Having imported Bookmarks from Yahoo! Bookmarks that i don't need in MyWeb into MyWeb (just a few selected links for display on my MyYahoo! page)

- Not being able to import my really important Yahoo! Bookmarks into MyWeb

- Still missing access to Bookmarks (i don't know which - all i know is that i've got 1,000 in Yahoo Bookmarks, perhaps 10 in MyWeb, and more than 1,000 real bookmarks. The real bookamrks are not numbered, so i can't really see exactly which ones i miss.

A few hours have passed, i've now deleted all cookies, so i'll try again...

Sixth hurdle:
Okay, logging in now (firefox). Clicking import bookmarks, i get this message only:

My Web currently does not support bookmark import from this browser.

We currently Support Internet Explorer Favorites and Yahoo! Bookmarks.

We are looking into extending support for additional browsers soon.

Well, that's nice and all, but i really really want to import Yahoo! Bookmarks. So, i deleted all bookmarks, deleted the IE bookamrks folder, cleared "Search History" and tried again:

Seventh hurdle:
- samme message again, no option to import my Yahoo! Bookmarks

It really seems as if you've removed the checkmark only once by accident there's nothing at all you can do to get the import Yahoo Bookamrks option back.

I'll just try switching to IE:

Eigth hurdle:
Okay, i just went past my MyYahoo! page, and it's all ruined, because it now lists 1,000 bookamrks in stead ot the three-four ones i had before.

Anyway, i'll try import in IE now. So, how do i get from my MyYahoo! page to my MyWeb page in order to right click and "Open in IE"? Can't do that directly, so i'll be clicking a few back buttons.

Got there, finally:

Upon clicking Import, i get the option to select, or deselect IE Favorites. I deselect as i want to import Yahoo! Bookmarks:

Ninth hurdle:
Nothing happens. I get redirected to my MyWeb front page.

Allright then, i'll just import my Bookmarks from Firefox into IE and then i'll try importing from IE to MyWeb. Done. Now clicking "Import Bookmarks" from within IE:

"Import IE Favorites" checked -> clicking "Import" -> confirmation messge from browser -> clicking OK -> new message "import successful" -> clicking OK

Wow: 1,111 bookmarks and 30 folders imported! Great! Now indexing...

So, now i'll just go back to my Yahoo! Bookmarks and delete the 1,000 there, so i can get back to having only the three important ones listed on my MyYahoo! page.

I'm sure most users are not going to invest this much time, so there's a few things to get sorted out while in beta.

The most important thing seems to be the relation between Yahoo! Bookmarks and MyWeb - it can't be right that the option to import from Yahoo! Bookmarks disappears forever.

Also, if Yahoo! Bookmarks can import from a local file (albeit only 1,000 even though the green error message, erroneously, says you can import more than that) then MyWeb should be able to as well.

And, as i discovered, IE is a "backdoor" to get all your bookmarks imported, not just 1,000. I'm not even sure why you would want a 1,000 limit in Y! Bookmarks in the first place, it seems counter-intuitive as the more data the user stores, the better for Yahoo overall.

Then, of course, there are inconsistencies - my MyWeb Bookmarks won't be the same as my Yahoo! Bookmarks. That's probably okay, as MyWeb is a lot more useful that the simple bookmarks, so i'll probably only use MyWeb myself.

That also seems to be the only way i can get only three or four displayed on my MyYahoo! page (by only having three or four). I still miss a link from MyYahoo to MyWeb, but i'll just add that - in my Y! Bookmarks.

I hope this feedback will be useful.

11:01 pm on Apr 28, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thank you for replying.

Your sticky mail was full.

The problem is the lost revenue.


Save a website that has adsense ads, say a diet and nutrition website to my web. In my test there are four ads all about diet and nutrition.

Next open this exact website by clicking "My saved Copy", and the ads are now all over the board, I had one for paintball, one soil disposal, NONE for diet and nutrition. Noone will click any of these ads

There is no mistaking it that even if the Ad was displayed in the original correct place in the page, that the ad will not be relevant anymore, and therefore will receive no clicks.

I have tried several experiments, and each time the saved copy shows ads completely off base. This happens because Google looks at the page to see what ads to show. And the saved version has Yahoo url, with Yahoo search in the title of the page, and the top of the page has a standard

If the user simply clicks a saved link to the current version, then relevant ads will show and revenue will be preserved.

There is no denying that as it stands this is lost revenue.



5:42 am on Apr 29, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thanks Claus and Tom for the feedback. Claus we will work on improving the bookmark experience. Sorry it took you so long to get up and running on myweb. I have also emptied my mailbox.
7:52 am on Apr 29, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I didn't import bookmarks, but this service is incredible for saving pages to visit again. I've used it many, many times since I discovered it.
10:00 am on Apr 29, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Tim: What is your response to Tom?

Marcia: Perhaps you can help me with this. Why are you visiting saved copies of pages instead of the pages themselves?

10:50 pm on Apr 29, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Tim, i've seen much worse than this. Done my share of beta testing back in the days (only, back then we would never launch a beta, but those were different times). Anyway it was pretty easy once i figured out what to do. Everything's pretty straight forward and easy, actually.

I really like this thing - it has already helped me find my new laptop. After searching the web and comparison sites for hours without locating one that would meet my specs it turned out that i had a great shop bookmarked and the cache threw it right into my face, as their latest model was featured on the front page when the cache was built. Of course that was just a coincidence, but i saved several hours and a few thousand dollars as well, so i'm a happy camper.


ronin, you probably have to try it to understand it. If you've got a page bookmarked that has some kind of information, and (as me) you've got more than 1,000 bookmarks, then you mostly have a hard time locating that specific page from the brief description in the bookmark text.

Now, what you do is to enter some phrase that you recall, and MyWeb will search your stored pages for matching text. It's way easier and faster than looking through your whole bookmark collection, and it's way easier and faster than doing a web search. Plus, you know the information is there, so it's accurate as well as fast.

Getting a SERP full of pages that you know in advance is a really great thing for some purposes - for other purposes searching all the web will be better. I think it's a real time saver for all those situations where you know you've seen it somewhere but the SERP's are of no use.


Tom, i looked up the robots.txt file earlier. The Mediapartners bot can't spider the cached pages, so i guess that's why the ads are all over the place. They simply can't read them, so they don't know what to serve. Strange that they don't just serve PSA's then.

8:06 pm on Apr 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I don't know if anyone's noticed, but it appears that we can now save a cache of newspaper clippings to Yahoo My Web. This is great. Newspapers have always been clipped and saved. Makes absolute sense to be able to do that with online news.

The ads are rendered correctly, too!
Good job!

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