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Are we persons or seos with big bank accounts

My story

10:16 pm on May 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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This is sort of oftopic, but I must speak.
Tried to be quiet, waiting patiently.
I am an normal person with one website, that started business for 2 years ago, not expecting the success we have now, launched it, just to try to launch an business not to work on the street.
Actually, we (me and my sister in law after one year made an legal company, trying to earn money to live, to feed our kids, not afiliated, an real company, one thats brings the cleaner and put welcome pack to our guests......)Lot of work, not much money, but I am working from home with my kids.

Really what hurts me more than the money I am loosing, is my person, that for 4 months is playing sherlock Holmes, smoking 2 packets of cigarretes per day, forgetting my family, only thinking about my problem with Yahoo.

forgetting all this.
What I see in here, many seems to think everybody that posts here are SEOs with big bank accounts, and big spammers.

And really I am afraid of saying what I am thinking, maybe could be bad for me, thatīs awful thoughts, to get quality everybody should say what they think, not waiting for somebody else to say it.

My story, i have an old Inktomi penalty (but nobody from yahoo ever said I have, they said in e-mails my site been blocked, proberbly due reasons I said in my apealing) .......and that they apreciated my effort of improving my site, most sites donīt change anything, they just apeal.......

Well In my apealing I told that when I launched my site, I submitted where I could.......even an linkfarm, I was nowhere to be found...that was back in 2002, I read a lot about launching sites, and back in 2002 nobody seemed to think that was bad.

And was very happy to see 25 visitors a day, from diferent sites, even from this linkfarm, and many months later was included in google, we started to go into business.

So in my apealing I told the truth, I hate lies, on top of money is my honor....
I did participate in one linkfarm when launching my site, though didnīt know was bad, just to get hits.... but when understood was bad, more than a year ago, I took away my link to this website.

well, 1/4 Tim said publically that my site was in serp if I havnīt checked for some days,
I answered: no I am not, several hours later Tim edited his post saying: your site has been reviewed just be patient, you will be in serps soon. To me means he checked it....
This is the thread: [webmasterworld.com...]

Well about 15 days later, Tim answered another thread of mine, saying if I want another review........clean up your site, and when done, I will have somebody to review it...........

I just canīt think he lied to me intencionally just to be favoured in this forum........... or to silence me.
I just canīt believe anybody can be that bad, that evil,
so I must think there is some other problem with my site, some issue,........or maybe the person that reviewed it forgot to push the button: admit? Of course, no company admit these issues,.

So therefore I am playing Sherlock Holmes all day, trying to found the problem in Yahoo, even asking sites to deleate my listing in their directory.

As an human, just pissed of.

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7:24 pm on May 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

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<<<<actually we are all assuming Yahoo allows a 301 from a banned site. Is there any evidence that the ban is passed on? >>><

You took the words from my mouth :)

9:26 pm on May 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

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although you have a lot of trouble with Yahoo, it seems that you're in a better situation than I am. You have an idea what caused your problems and you got a reply from Tim. Although I wrote to Inktomi and Yahoo as well as tried to get a reply from Yahoo_Mike or Tim at webmasterworld, I still have no idea if I have an old Inktomi penalty, some other kind of penalty or are affected by technical problems.

It's very frustrating.

Having a problem with Google seems to be less complicated - posting a thread [webmasterworld.com] about the phenomena at webmasterworld and they solved it.

3:06 am on May 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Is the site you're having trouble with in English and was the content written by you? I don't mean any offense by this, but your English isn't very good and I assume it's not your first language. How your site is worded is a MAJOR factor in whether people are going to buy from you or not. Poor grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are perceived as the mark of the uneducated or children and would add up to a low conversion rate.

Again, I don't mean any insult but if this is the case you may want to have someone else check over the wording on your site.

[edited because I typed grammar wrong... lol]

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3:14 am on May 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Poor grammer, spelling...


Helen - why don't you make a second domain and ban it from Google with robots.txt, ban inktomi from the first one and the request a paid inclusion change on your account...

fresh domain = no historical penalty

and if you block the SE robots from one or the other - there's no duplicate content fears - to worry about.

if the original domain well and truly has a historical penalty, keep inktomi the heck out of it and wash your hands of it.

just make sure you don't register a domain name that someone used before you and possibly incurred a penalty :P

7:25 am on May 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Is the site you're having trouble with in English and was the content written by you?
Yes itīs in english and 2 other languages, and of course itīs not written by me, itīs written by my sister in law that is english born and the owner of the domain :)
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