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SiteMatch Approval Won't Remove Penalty.

I was approved for Site Match and STILL have the dreaded Ink penalty.

12:28 am on Apr 20, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Well guys it seems like even if you pass the editorial review with Site Match (which according to Yahoo insures that the site you submit is of high quality,) if you had the Ink death penalty where you site is indexed but demoted to the very bottom of the search results you still WILL NOT get the penalty lifted.

Either that or the President and Chief Executive Officer of Positiontech doesn't know what he is talking about and they are one of the Site Match program's most recognized resellers if not THE most.

It all started back in December when I renewed my Inktomi PFI pages through Positiontech. Before I was getting loads of traffic and a week or two later it all dried up to absolutely zero visitors a day.

Traffic from google, altavista, fast, and other engines stayed the same. Inktomi supplied engines like MSN were the only ones affected.

I follow all the guidelines and have never participated in link farms, hidden text, cloaking, etc. and I have always owned this domain.

When Yahoo started using Inktomi and their own spider it seemed that the same penalties carried over.

After seeing Tim from Yahoo's post that the Site Match program reviews sites first to insure that they are of high quality and explicitly stating that if your site passes the review then you will have the penalty lifted, I applied for Site Match on 3/30/04 because I knew I had done nothing wrong.

Sure enough, site was approved by Site Match on 4/5/04 and then indexed on 4/8/04 but still apparently has the penalty and it has now been three weeks and counting since I first submitted it.

No one at Positiontech customer support can figure out why it was even penalized in the first place. In fact, the site match editorial quality team gave it's approval, 3 different customer support people at Positiontech looked it over and found nothing wrong with it, and the President of positiontech himself pored over the site and could find nothing wrong.

It's just a little hobby site in a noncompetitive industry but it can't even been found for it's title in quotes until the last listing.

Why would Yahoo's representatives come here on Webmasterworld and tell us to submit a nonrefundable fee to clear the penalty if you are approved for Site Match and then it not happen at all? I talked to HelenP whose site Tim said in a post here at WW that the penalty had been removed but the penalty is still on HelenP's site too.

After wasting my money yet again with Yahoo/Overture/Inktomi it seems like there is more and more evidence that what Yahoo says and what Yahoo does are two totally different things.

7:27 am on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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if you let us all know when this book is published i think you have a best seller on your hands....

2:57 pm on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Just noticed that Alexa Has Yahoo ranked #1... followed by MSN at #2 and that other search engine... what's it called... oh yeah, Google at #3.

As if...

8:31 pm on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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You almost had me concerned there for a second Dumb_guy, regarding Alexa <LOL>. This WAS intended as a joke right?

If you click on the "rank details" and then look at the "Where are people going on Yahoo/MSN/Google" you'll realize the truth.

On Y! it's: (current reach 269,500/Mil) up 1%
mail.yahoo.com ~ 38%
news.yahoo.com ~ 5%
search.yahoo.com ~ 5% (calc reach 13475/Mil)=(.05 x current reach)

on MSN it's: (current reach 212,000/ Mil) down 3%
hotmail.msn.com ~ 76%
search.msn.com ~ 7% (calc reach 14840/Mil)

and on Google it's: (current reach 162,000/ Mil) up 6%
google.com ~ 88% (calc reach 142560/Mil)

So based on SEARCHING numbers (as opposed to people just checking their mail) the current reach breakdown looks like this:

GOOGLE: 142560/ Mil
MSN: 14840/Mil
Yahoo: 13475/Mil

Which puts GOOGLE in the lead 10 to 1 and rising at 6% vs only 1% for Y and down 3% for MSN.
Back when Y was serving Google results and we were ranking in exactly the same positions of the free SERPS for most terms, we saw about 3.5 TIMES more traffic from Google than Yahoo on a term for term basis.
For the relatively small volume, we've decided it's just not worth haggling over Y!'s index problems anymore and certainly not worth screwing around with your pages and risking messing up your other search engine rankings just to MAYBE please Y!. Persoanlly I think Y! will be out the search biz by this time next year and all this complaining will be so much water under the bridge.

10:05 pm on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Yeah - your assertions seem to jive with what I've seen in terms of traffic. I have some awsome rankings in Yahoo and they yield much less traffic than some of my mediocre listings on Google, by about a 10:1 margin.

Thank god - Yahoo doesn't deserve any more traffic until they de-bungle their "filter" issues.

10:39 pm on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Yes, Alexa reference was a joke... kinda like SiteMatch!

So here is some real feedback: I sent a nasty gram to Yahoo about the ridiculous search results, spam, duplicate sites, etc. that I was getting from their search. I reference our site and our WK's and advised them to take a look at what the same search would yield on Google....

Within 24 we went from page four to page two. We were page one, but it seems they are actually reading their hate mail.

10:52 pm on May 27, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Hey Dumb,

what email address did you send to and did you send it anonomously or as your business? I have never been more frustrated by a search engine than I am right now. My posting are great, but I things I search for, the results are so obviously biased that it pains me to even look. I always search the big three to see who is returning more relevant info. I want to be ranked at the top of that engine because I have to believe that over time people will migrate to more relevant results. With that said, Yahoo is starting to fall behind and I think I may start search Gigablast more...

12:34 am on May 28, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Do a Yahoo search of some sort and at the bottom you'll see a link for feedback about the search. Seems they wanna know how you liked what you saw. I saw this as a good opportunity to blow off some steam and let them know that Google is eating their lunch in users and in results.

I did not do this anonimously. I let 'em know who I was, my website, what search terms I used to get their crappy results and that if they didn't change their ways, they were not gonna see my $299.00 next year for their silly directory.

While this tack may be a bad way to win friends at Yahoo, from the search results I am getting now, what's there to lose? I already got screwed outta $300.00 - why should I bite my tongue AND get ripped-off? What are they gonna do - kick me out of a search engine that already sucks and is hardly used?

8:54 pm on May 28, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Signed back up for a Sponsored Directory Listing....

Back in Yahoo.

Not sure if the Sponsored Listing brought my site back or if it was just luck, but i'm happy.

If it was the Sponsored listing, the $100 a month is well worth it.

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