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Editorial Judgements?

You have been banned for one of these 100 reasons!

3:24 am on Mar 23, 2004 (gmt 0)

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So I wrote into webmasterworldfeedback@yahoo.com last week like a lot of other people did and got an answer back from them a couple days ago.

The answer confirmed that my sites do have editorial judgments against them. It also said they are outside Yahoo's content policy guidelines at [help.yahoo.com...]

Great! We are banned, but how the heck to we fix what is wrong!

We are #1 for 23 google keyword terms related to our products, and are in the top 5 in google for 160 other terms. On all other search engines, we do equally well - highly ranked, heavily trafficked. In addition, we have a huge Overture budget, Adwords budget, and pay PositionTech for the Trusted Feed program. We also pay Yahoo! for their $299 directory listing.

With all this money going to Yahoo, this is the only answer I got back from them in regards to their new web search... I mean, it's nice to finally know that I really *was* banned due to editorial judgment, but pointing to a list of dozens of reasons doesn't help me get back into the index.

Our site is a good site... no extreme SEO on this site at all. We've played it very safe. And it's extremely popular. And Yahoo has "editorially declined it" without specifying EXACTLY what the problem is. I'd have to change the whole site a hundred times and hope that I got it right and guessed the Might Yahoo Mind, all the while jeapordizing our other SE listings.

Yahoo is DEFINITELY new to this Search Engine game. Let's hope they get a clue and realize that "Editorial Judgements" handed out to as many sites as they are handing them out to is a bunch of fooey without being able to remedy. Especially for established, large, quality sites like ours.

In the meantime, what do you guys recommend we do, other than sit tight and hope Yahoo figures all this out?

Note: Direct email quotes of any length are NOT permitted under Terms of Service item 9, so I paraphrased the quote that nerolabs included.

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1:48 pm on May 19, 2004 (gmt 0)

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The "per url" figure you gave is incorrect because it's about 50 bucks not 50 cent. If I remember correctly, it's a minimum $50 deposit that goes towards your clicks. Then on top of that there is a $49 review fee per URL with discounts applied depending on the number of URLs you are submitting.
9:20 am on May 20, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Thanks CSG

So, it's $50 in your account - is that per domain, per URL or all URL's in your account?

Therefore, if I submit 10 URL's from www.mysite.com
I need $50 to cover all the URL's for this domain, and if I submit www.anothersite.com it's another $50 - rather than $50 to cover ALL the URL's from multiple domains?

9:42 am on May 20, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Looking at the positiontech account you can use the same click balance for all URL's or you can separate them out.

Note though, the pricing structure is per domain, so the first URL per domain pays the full entry rate.

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