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Marketing webmaster services and networking

finding clients and jobs

2:41 am on Feb 26, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Many thanks to minnapple for sharing this suggestion with us, which started me thinking:

"Join EVERY local Chamber of Commerce instead and spend time participating. Each one I join generates a least 10k of new business a year."

There comes a time between starting out and not being quite ready, and reaching the point where a web designer or SEO is being sustained by all referrals, that it's time to find more clients.

There also comes a time when people who are employed by companies either want to check out finding a new and better job, or start getting some contract or freelance work on their own, maybe moonlighting until they can strike out on their own.

Getting local business can be not only convenient as far as working with the clients, but can build a valuable base for networking locally, building up referrals, or making contacts for job hunting or striking out independently.

The Chamber of Commerce idea is excellent - in fact, my local Chamber has monthly mixers that are open to guests, a good opportunity for those who might not want to join.

Has anyone found any other methods to help build up a client base or make contacts for employment, either staff or contract?


5:50 pm on Feb 26, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Marcia.

Here's another idea. Giving talks. With a topic like 'Five Ways To Improve Your Website - Right Now." Most business groups are dying for good speakers with good subjects - Rotaries, City Clubs, Downtown Associations, Economic Development Groups, C of Cs, Professional Associations, Trade Associations, leads groups, etc. I've done all of them - and have gotten business as a direct result of almost every one I've done. Tip - have a faxable one page speaker sheet, listing title of talk, one paragraph outline, bulleted one-line benefit statements, speakers bio and comments (praise) from attendees. Plan on a 20 minute talk with time for Q&A afterword. Contact the Association Director and find out who handles guest speakers. Bring lots of business cards. It's a great opportunity to network - because you're the STAR!

By the way, I have given talks on several business subjects but my 'web talk' always attracts the biggest crowds. People are HOT for some straight talk about web stuff, because they've received so much mis-information.

Hope this helps

7:16 pm on Feb 27, 2001 (gmt 0)

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As a former director of a Chamber of Commerce, I agree wholeheartedly. Join, but PARTICIPATE. Business does not just roll in unless you play.
Many chambers have newsletters that you can advertise or send press releases for free exposure. We had monthly events, and monthly roundtables(small gatherings 10-12 to discuss pertinent topics)Join committees and work for the community with your free time <read that "invested time">
Many chambers also rent their lists to members for mailing/telemarketing. Most have a directory that is given to new members. We had a monthly fax to members that you could advertise on for $10 a shot to over 400 members.
People LIKE to work with and hire people they know, and the web is still a scary place. Going Local is a great way to do more business, and meeting with people directly is STILL one of the best ways, despite advances in technology. A modem will NEVER replace a firm handshake and a friendly smile.
12:06 am on Mar 3, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I posted this under a different forum about good reporting software and thought it would add value here also.

I just recently purchased OpenWebScope [openwebscope.com...] cost was $69.00.

You run it off your PC and point it to the server log file either on a remote server or locally on your hard drive.

You can run as many sites as you want and has quite a few options on what to or not to include within the report.

The report is html so you can customize how ever you wish after it is generated.

GREAT! GREAT! marketing tool!
I created February reports for all my clients, sent them the report via e-mail. 15% of them called me to do more work for them within 24 hours!!.

This was a great investment.

This concept would work with any reporting software that allows you to customize and mail the results.
Each of these clients had access to a report before, but sending them a customized one in e-mail seemed to spark their interest.