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Don't put all your eggs Google's Basket

Diversify your web referrals and sleep better at night.



11:45 pm on Sep 26, 2002 (gmt 0)

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This is the first time I experience seeing the great panic when Google's does it page updates.

The important thing is not to concentrate on one search engines but to diversify your sources for web traffic. This often takes time and effort but is well worth it.

We are ranked #1 and #2 for our favorite keywords in Google (well #2 and #3 now), and we receieve approx. 5 to 7% web traffic from Google.

I remember when we first started, and we recieved 40% of our traffic from Yahoo. I did lose sleep at night wondering if my ranking would drop.

Now I don't care. I have so many sources for traffic, that if one dry's up, the other will open its flood gates. Once you have a large number of referral sources, the laws of statistical averages take over. I use a general rule of thumb, that if more than 10% of your referrals come from one search engine or source, you need to find more sources.

And perhaps you will be able to sleep better at night, despite what Google does.

7:57 pm on Sept 30, 2002 (gmt 0)

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With hard work and time, you to can sleep at night when Google makes its updates.

There you have.

I'm guessing the answer would be to concentrate heavily on what you don't have. Google provides about 40-50% of all traffic to my sites, some a little higher, some a little lower. I worked hard to get the #1 spot on all my desired keywords.

If Google decides to switch things around and my sites fall from grace (like they did this last update), I'm ready with solid listings in other SEs, PPC programs, banner ads, email lists and a few Guerilla marketing tactics.

I look at it this way :

Coca Cola is a blue chip stock.
Warren Buffett is a very rich man.
Warren Buffett owns lots of Coca Cola stock, and it has made him a rich man.
Warren Buffett also owns lots of other stocks, which have made him a very rich man.

Diversification is still king.

10:00 am on Oct 1, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Google only forms a larger part of SE results for most sites because they optimise their site for Google.

If your users remembered your site and returned via bookmark or by typing in your url, you wouldnt need search engines at all - the same effect could be achieved thru conventional marketing, linking, etc.

Web Designers should care less about what Google thinks of their site and more about what their users think of thier site.

Google doesnt use your site.
Google doesnt buy your products.
Google doesnt even look at your site.
Google does get rich by listing your site.

Your customers are the ones that are important - it is them you should be optimising your site for.

I would be willing to bet that you could run a a successful web based business without a Google listing. Theres just so much hype about Google that everyone thinks they need to be listed (and PR, what the hells that got to do with anything? - its just a marketing gimmic!).

The only thing Google has that is better than all the rest is a industry leading marketing department! :) Just look at the 50 million profit they made! We should be charging them to list our sites! Its our sites that are making them rich - without them their SE would be useless!

just my two cents!

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