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Pagerank update

4:03 am on Apr 22, 2005 (gmt 0)

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A few of my sites have jumped in page rank a couple of notches. Will this cause an impending update? :>~
2:23 am on Apr 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Have you a good site with great content. I am seeing a distinct pattern of Google rewarding content again.

Actually I do. There are not a lot of pages on my site, but almost every page was something I absolutely slaved over. I have some articles I spent as long as a month to write, and were very thoroughly researched.

I hope I don't upset you all by saying this, but for quite some time now Google has positioned just about every page on my site very highly for whatever keywords are relevant. It seems like I can write an article on damn near anything, and within a month it's in the top ten, sometimes #1 for some things.

Yes, it's all about content. What's really funny is that you know all those pages that just have a bunch of links and some ads? All the ones on a certain topic link one of my articles. I've found hundreds of such pages.

I recognize very well that I'm sitting on a gold mine, which is why I started publishing ads recently. I've had mixed results - some articles are popular and positioned well, but the people who read them aren't the sort who click on ads. I'm not so confident that I can intentionally set out to write a new article on a topic that's going to get a good clickthru rate. Instead, I'm hoping that by writing articles on anything that captures my interest, at least occassionally I'll make good money from one. My focus is to always provide real value to my readers, whatever the topic may be.

Realize also that it took seven years to build my site to where it is now. Most people don't have that kind of time. If I had depended on my site for ad revenue I would have been homeless years ago. Instead it was a marketing tool for my business, I used my articles to drive traffic to my site. I only started publishing any ads at all last September.

Now, of course the spammers will try to generate content, but they can't generate as good a page as an honest, hardworking person unless they become honest hardworking people themselves! Sure they can copy some random text to a page, but no one will link it unless the text is genuinely useful to them.

Also, Google is working hard at linguistic analysis of the text on the web. A friend of a friend is a PhD linguist who works at Google. They've been hiring boatloads of PhD's for years, and for good reason. They know very well that the relevance of their search results is their lifeblood, but they've got to fight a never-ending battle against the spammers. I expect they're going to invest a lot of the money they made in their IPO into implementing some amount of artificial intelligence.

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