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Keyword Targetting on multiple web sites

I want to run an idea by you

7:48 am on Feb 14, 2004 (gmt 0)

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My business sells one kind of service, and unfortunately there are a bazillion ways to look for it - 1a widget, 2b widget, 1a foobar, 1b foobar, 1a widgets, 1b widgets, 1a foobars, 1b foobars

and that's just using the two most popular synonym combinations. Freaking marketers, engineers, and researchers couldn't decide on one term, so now everyone in the world considers the same stupid service by a different name.

The way I've set up my site, my main page focuses on two keyword phrases - 1a widget and 2b widget. My sub pages all focus on different synonyms and plurality.

I've been looking at the top serps, and they all seem to focus on one particular permutation of the phrase, and use it all over.

I'm thinking about registering several different domains, and adjusting my content to reflect a single permutation of the phrase so that I might one day be seen as an authority site for that particular range of keywords.

Now considering the fact that my content will be slightly different accross domains, but very similar. I'd have to do more work than just a search and replace, but I'm not going to re-write everything.

Good idea? Bad idea?

10:37 am on Feb 14, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I personally would create different sub pages from your current site each detailing certain aspects of your products whilst targetting one of the search terms.

I wouldn't recommend having content 'very similar' at all, but after saying that it works for some sites out there I see, although I havn't checked them on the 64 data centre.

I see it like this, what makes a good authorative magazine? I think it's the quality content... in my opinion the same applies to web sites.

10:38 am on Feb 14, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I had the same problem. I did exacly what you are talking about. The thing is to change not only the content, but also design, link structure, filenames etc. At the begining i only changed litle content, the site design stayed the same. I had 3 pages all got indexed by goole and after 2 weeks all were baned from serps!. Now i have 4 sites, each has very similar contnet, but totaly diferent design, file structure and everything is ok for 2 months now ;)