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Can duplicate content on large directory get me banned?

My site copied when I submitted

7:08 pm on Feb 4, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I like many, suffered for many pages on the new Google update. So I thought, if you can't beat em'- join em' which is what I did.

I contacted a local directory type site that is doing very well, built pages and submitted (and paid) for them to have on their site.
The pages were two that I created, a coupon and a specials page and they where to link to my home page. They are unique the two I made.

Their webmaster instead (communication by email and fax in another language and country) linked within their site url and thus all my pages(total 6-7) are on their site url, linked by the two pages I made exclusively for them.

The problem I see, is that it would appear that I were mirroring and therefore breaking rules, which was not my intention...so I asked them again to please change the links on the two pages I built to go to my pages. They did this for one of the two pages, and I am about to call them again to make sure they do it to the other.

Here's the concern... my site was ranking well for my major terms, number one.... I wanted to increase traffic on one of our services (a subpage if you will that had dropped). Now their pages (the duplicate of my home page I didn't ask for or want) is ranking number one and replaced my page which was doing great.

I am concerned about the implications of duplicate content on Google, and will my own url resurface?

Please, any advise on this and can my site url be penalized?

Thanks, lindavh

10:38 am on Feb 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I had a similar but different situation where a directory set up a script to monitor click thrus to my site and Google somehow mis-spidered the script and ended up viewing my home page as two identical pages in its index. I'm unclear on the technical aspects.

This was a problem because of duplicate content of course, but also because it all happened on launch of the site and I had done about 20 hours of manual link research and requests.

My actual home page was treated as the secondary page and all links and PR were given to the problem page.

When I typed in www.mydomain.com and viewed the cache, the cache displayed as my content on www.problempage.com.

The problem page was eventually removed completely by the directory people who killed the link / script and Google picked up my home page again but it still hasn't recovered PR.

As it sounds like your site is already established the links / PR thing will hopefully not be part of your problem. And while you must, please, realise I'm no expert I would get that page taken down without delay. I would also not have the directory put any redirects in place, I would 404 it. Since your page was well ranked previously it should bounce back once Google sees there's nothing dodgy going on after all.

Can any of you experts comment on lindavh's situation? Lindavh, I hope this may be of some use to you, and that your problem resolves without any pain. M