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best google ever?

11:54 pm on Sep 7, 2003 (gmt 0)

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i must admit, that I did not read much here lately. So my observations might not only be meaningless but may also have been discussed at length.

Things I like about google in its current iteration:

referer spam (webalizer in this case) seems to be gone. I know, because I did do it on for a non important domain, for the excersize's sake, and it was freaking scary how easy you can bloat g with hundrets of links

Its very current. A new site showed up within 4 days. Since I did submit as well as PR5-linked it, I am not sure what did it. But the site owner is very happy

I am not sure if I was just luckier lately, but I had a couple of cases where google actually displayed _exactly_ what I was looking for as SERP #1. Which is nice

I like what I see, and have no wishes for a return of the dance era.

3:24 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Woop stated.."I also find it funny that threads along this exact same subject, but with the opposite view, are blocked from appearing on the forum."

I've noticed numerous posting from both sides of the fence.

It's obvious to me at least the "monthly update" where we all crossed our fingers and sprained our proximal interphalangeal joints (finger tip!) hitting the refresh button to check updates is like the Old Mare put out to pasture.

The new kid's in town... and he doesn't Polka, Waltz or Foxtrot.

Google is now in the punk-rock "Slam Dance" mode hence the..
1.Frequent freshes
2.Updated listings
3.Constant flucuating placements

Fast, furious and out of control?
I guess only time will tell ... or perhaps Google Guy can?

4:31 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Google was much better 12 month's ago for sure.

Try searching for a hotel in any city by name and forget it, you get tons of resellor sites trying to sell you a room but they dont even have a link to the hotel itself or any true info on the place, it's very frustrating now. It used to be easy to find a phone number or info on just about anything with google... I guess those days are gone.

I sure hope Google finds a way to turn this Titanic around!

6:53 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I would like to understand what makes you stay this or that side of fence.

I'm observing discussions like this for a long time now.

While I'm doing very well with the new Google in all my niches of web related business, sometimes I'm observing discrete deteriorations when searching around in other areas.

But all over all it seems better for me.

So what do I miss?

I may add: I'm doing my web business 99% on the white side - happy me, not necessary to go further on ... that's the reason?

[edit]my bad english[/edit]

10:16 pm on Sept 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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>>Try searching for a hotel in any city by name and forget it, you get tons of resellor sites trying to sell you a room

He he. Try searching for "location blah". It doesn't matter what location or what blah, you'll always see hotel web sites there.

Agreed, Hotels are the number one search when people want info on a location, but I don't think they should show up when you're looking for a hammer.

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