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just dropped out of google

why between updates?

11:40 am on Jun 7, 2003 (gmt 0)

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One of our main sites has vanished in the last week. During the last few days, its been there one minute but gone the next, now it really seems to have vanished. This could not have come at a worse time, its like a nightmare...

What I'm confused about is the timing. Normally sites get dropped (for whatever reason) during an update - so why now? Any ideas?

7:45 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hold on. As of 3:30 p.m EDT the datacenters are NOT matching up. Both -ex and -cw are showing completely different results for some keywords. It looks to me as if it may be from the most recent crawls as well.
9:06 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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My site is listed from #1 to #10 on Altavista,Lycos,Hot Bot, webcrawler,out of hundreds of thousands of listings for a lot of my key words (not all).Where do I stand with Google,I'm no where to be found.

You may say, well , your site must have a ton of pop ups (actually not a one ) oh then,your site must have some very negative info (actually , no , it's a beauty salon and its very informative) well then wy ? you might ask?

ANSWER the world may never know.

However , there R a couple of coincidences,and strange occurrences. These R.

#1 after doing research from google on the best ways of making my site google bot friendly,I get to a section where it says ,(these are the mane engines that Google spiders to exchange info with )then it says if your not on google to make sure you have submitted to these other engines (because they spider those particular ones ) a couple of there suggestions were , Yahoo Directory,MSN directory, the open directory.

So I went to all of the ones they suggested and guess what? I'm nowhere to be found on all of them.

So I immediately commence the process of my submission to them. Each one of them wanted at least 100 bucks to submit to and this would just pay for 1 year.

So , here's the scenario that I'm seeing here. OK Google doesn't charge for submission , but all the engines it works with (except the open directory ) do.

I have submitted my site to google 2 times a month for the last 2 years, THEY NEVER LIST IT . I'm # 1 in hundreds of thousands of listings with engines that are not associated with Google,but not even on the list with the ones that R.

I have never paid a dime for a site submission. ( I think this is wy they wont list me )

If I paid Yahoo, MSN , and all the rest I bet you I'd be right up there at the top on google.

You know , there's a saying in the business world that say's
Business is Business,most of us business people will agree that that is a pretty solid statement (meaning ) you do what you gota do to make a buck (or a billion bucks) so I am not the least TICKED off at Google.

I think they do charge for submission (in a round about way)through fees collected from these other engines that they spider.

Though's are my thoughts , I have no proof that this is exactly how it's going down.

If your not selling anything they list you,If you are selling a product,(I feel ) they want some money,but they don't come right out and tell you that.

If you have something for sale on your web site , Google seems to be a little harder to deal with.

I was on Google for about a month when I first started submitting my site ( before I had a working online store front) I was removed after I added my mini mall and online hair products store front on to my site?


GO GOOGLE! peace

9:38 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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"After literally months of waiting, I finally get my decent ranking returned, my backlinks show (albeit diminished in numbers), and I'm once again ok in the SERPs.

Now BAM I'm gone, nowhere to be found. Pardon my french, but WTF? My site is clean, I have loads of relevant content, I only link with sites within my theme, and in general, I'm a Good Kid Who Plays Well With Others.

All 9 datacenters line up - I'm flushed out of all of them, and let's not kid ourselves, this dance is now over. Again, WTF? Suddenly, a government sub-sub-SUB page completely unrelated to the theme gets top spot because it happens to have both words of a KP in its text"

Ditto here.. pre-dominic we were #3 in SERPs, during Dominic anywhere from #3 to page 6. Last week back to
#3 thought everything had settled out and that is where we were going to be, now gone... I can only believe that this is temporary and not the permenent results of the last dance. I am seeing sites in the top 10 that have PR=0 and the keyword is not even in the title or description. I just can't believe these are the final results.....

9:45 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Here's what really takes the cake...there are real life consequences to bad search results being given.

I'm proud to have a company that is in the Better Business Bureau and holds customer service honors...my site climbed steadily over the past year to reach number 7 in a competitive field. Then, Dominic and the "WTF" results that took place today happened.

Anyhow, a company that has 36 BBB complaints and has only resolved one complaint (still not to the satisfaction of the customer) after being forced in court to do so in the past 2 years now holds a high spot.

I know that Google isn't the consumer police. My point is this though--if Google used today's info rather than old data this site would be nowhere to be found.

This company has been exposed in the past 6 months and even launched a new site and given up on their old ruined name. All the links to them that had page rank no longer associate with them. There algo value should be nill.

Bottom Line, if these results today were really current earned rankings the general public would be better served.

I know Google can't do everything and should not attempt to either. However, if a site can loose traffic and business over something like a hidden link of text paragragh you'd think being a known risk to consumers would be worth a Google slap on the wrist as well.

I know there is a spam report process...is there a way to report crooks too?

9:50 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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This is no where near being over.

The data centers are now lined up with SJ and IN having different reults than the others. These results at SJ & IN have just changed within the last few hours however as has been posted previously it is felt that these centers are for experimentation and are not reaching www. The others appear not to have changed dramatically.

We have one new site that got it's first backlink in April which is now showing on the results however still has no PR.

A competitor's site lost backlinks weeks ago and yet they are still showing as current.

There is still some tweaking to do.

9:52 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I think this is just more evidence that the current results are not valid and things will once again change, lets just hope it happens soon, I can't take this roller coaster ride any longer.
10:08 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Oh, merde. Google has gone totally kerplooey again. :( What the heck happened? For the most part all through the Esmeralda dance the results were looking pretty decent. Everywhere I check, things at Google have gone to hell now. Looks like Esmeralda got infected with a nasty case of Dominitis. These current SERPs blow really bad. Eww...
10:12 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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You are correct. Things had seemed to have normalized particularly on ex and cw. Now it is far worse than ever.

Maybe it will bounce back...

[edited by: mfishy at 10:14 pm (utc) on June 22, 2003]

10:13 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I agree that Google is out of sync again. I am a PR 7 for a top keyword and am #1 in link text weighting using allinanchor, and went from #2 to #42 yesterday. It is not exactly the same as last week when I went from #50 to #2 but definately something's wacko, and my site is very clean.


10:26 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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The results at google are extremely bad. Sites that use all unethical tricks are at the top and sites that have done things right are getting bumped out. Results in the last few months just seem to be getting worse and today totally blow away by the results.
10:32 pm on June 22, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I for one, got really happy today. That is - for like 5 minutes.

My long lasting #6 spot for an ever so important keyphrase finally resurfaced today, after disappearing this week for no apparent reason. Not even 5 minutes later, it was gone again. I am seriously hoping that the fact that my site reappeared today, even for a moment, is a sign that things may be starting to switch back to normal. With endless checking, this is the first time it's popped back up all week.

How long does everyone think all this mess is going to take to sort out?

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