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Yahoo! No Longer Refunding Click Fraud?

Latest Click Fraud Report is Refused

6:22 pm on Jun 11, 2008 (gmt 0)

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It is no secret that over the past couple years, Yahoo! has moved away from pure search traffic in their advertising network and more toward parked domains and other traffic sources. This has led to an immense increase in click fraud for their advertisers.

Till this point, Yahoo! has always honored submissions of click fraud. Advertisers routinely have a much better click fraud detection system in place than Yahoo!, and often times come up with many more clicks than their own system detects. A "good faith" credit was provided to those who sent in detailed reports of improper clicks.

It is with that which I'm shocked to see that Yahoo! has started rejecting click fraud reports. It has been two for me in the past month, as well as many more for other advertisers I am close to. Much of these clicks reside from countries outside the areas for which I'm targeting. Receiving 500 clicks from Iran in a week (when I receive only 1000 from the United States) sends up flags. Especially considering I have blocked every continent except North America. A .info domain that was registered two weeks ago was somehow able to send more traffic to me than Yahoo.com has all month.

I'm curious to know if this is a new policy in the recent wake of them turning down a generous offer from Microsoft. Shareholders are obviously going to demand a lot from them in the future and they have a history of embracing less than honorable tactics toward their advertisers (see updated TOS). It is no surprise that Yahoo! has a lot of click fraud, it is a surprise they are not honoring requests to refund it.

12:29 pm on June 12, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Well today I froze my YSM account, why? It's got ridiculous Iím getting 55% yahoo traffics to 45% crappy parked domains!

I sent them an email telling them so (I spend on average £25 per day), by the reply I got they couldnít care less, I guess they're making too much money from the advertisers who are willing to put up with it.

And to make matters worse from about 9 months ago if you've got a US YSM account you can block domains, but not for us in the UK oh no!

1:37 pm on June 12, 2008 (gmt 0)

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It is for reasons like above that I no longer advetise on Yahoo anymore. A shame as I have fairly large sums which could be spent on them.

I guess they are getting more stingey, as they need to keep more money coming in to improve results and fight off takeovers.

If Yahoo took a longer, quality view of the traffic they send - like Google does - then they could much more easily attempt to remain independent.

3:57 am on July 8, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Just wait until .nu domain sends you 3000+ clicks in an hour, at the same time not having any Alexa rank. :)

Then yahoo says that clicks are real.

4:50 pm on July 18, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I am still getting credits... What was your average spend with Yahoo?