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Doing well in YPN results in a ban?

8:31 pm on Mar 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

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While Yahoo can claim whatever they want on why they banned me, after reviewing my payment information it became fairly obvious to me. As my sites traffic increased over the year so did my yahoo earning, but anyone that has ever used yahoo knows they don't record crap for clicks.

So basically my impressions increased, and my income increased, but the clicks never really moved more than I would say about... 30-40 over the entire year, and yet at the beginning when I made only a few 100, to the end where I was making over 1000. Funny thing is my income increased about 300 dollars a month the last few months I was on yahoo until they finally just banned me, its like I was doing too well?

The last month I was on the verge of pulling over 1500 when I was banned, and finally after waiting 90 damn days for the money I made that month I only ended up with about 600 of it, thats a huge adjustment of my so called? click fraud, but I guess when a sites traffic increases it can only mean hes doing something illegal, I love how they don't allow you to defend yourself either...


9:15 pm on Mar 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Hello Kevin,

This is not meant to offend.

I'm afraid I have a difficult time believing they would ban you for success. If you are doing well, they are doing well. Why would they do that to themselves without just cause.

Something must have triggered them to review your site. Possibly an actual advertiser who was finding themselves on your site didn't care for something you were doing...who knows. Click fraud can be more than just people multiple clicking, it could be in the way the site is marketing for the click, which constitutes a fraudulant practice (if the site is not original content or full of duplicated search engine titles & descriptions. etc.)

The numbers you gave for an increase in monthly income was actually quite small...not really significant enough (in the scheme of things) for that to trigger an audit. I don't mean to minimalize your revenue, but people are making far more daily than you made in a month.

I was going to post a message to you in the Adsense thread about how Google is better than YPN, but to me it was not. I don't post positives here because not everyone cares about successes. If they aren't experiencing it, it can't be really happening.


Sorry to hear you were banned. Maybe if you can find out how it all happened they will reinstate you.

10:15 pm on Mar 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Lol the reason I am so mad about is because they were just like... well your doing click fraud your banned?

and in my 2 year? history with them my clicks never even peaked 100, so they were filtering out god knows how many all by themselves. I just can't seem to piece together why on earth I was banned, among sites I know, one was asked to merely remove them were mp3 downloads were, they were not banned however and they were doing something illegal, only asked not to host the ad on that account.

So for me to be banned, not telling anyone to click, not misleading clicks, and only formatting ads in a way they said was acceptable after asking them seems just completely outrageous to me... but then again reading the yahoo threads tells me a lot of ppl have trouble with the customer service over there. Maybe if they ever get out of beta I could defend myself, but until then all I can do is well.. cry about it lol.

And the fact that... my site is nothing but content, I don't even put the ads on the forums, its just news and like game coverage... but i mean yeah... guess i just need to work twice as hard because google is not loving me lol...

and yeah i understand my increases in results is not insane, but since I am young to me it is, it's just the only thing that makes any sense lol.

3:46 am on Mar 31, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I do not see why Yahoo would ban someone who is doing well and making them money as long as the clicks and traffic are honest. They must have detected something on your site. I agree; they can be less than accommodating when you need help and once they decide you have committed an infraction, you probably become person non grata, which is not fair. You should be able to defend yourself. On the other hand, they have the compliance manager which gives you a chance to fix mistakes you are making before being booted. It's more than AdSense does.
3:41 am on Apr 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

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There are very few instances that I'm aware of where YPN would simply kill an account without flagging the problematic url in the compliance manager for you to have a chance to fix the issue first. So, I'd think either you did something very, very outside their terms of service or ignored or simply did not comply with the actions they requested you to take on the flagged urls.

I think you're either missing or omitting something.