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YPN Experiment Revealed

2:51 pm on Oct 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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ok, i ran an experiment and wanted to get some of your opinions in the matter.

i have geo targetted a page to show US only traffic. i have my trackers in place to track everything. i also only let a small portion of traffic into the page to keep a smaller control.

1 page - 4 US clicks from 4 different IP addresses which resolve in 4 different US states clicking 4 different advertisers.

Page closed.

Results - YPN report shows that only 2 clicks were valid, throwing out 50 % of my valid clicks for that channel. I have been seeing these results on all of my pages, but this was a controlled experiement. Also, I checked these 4 ip addresses to see if they by chance had clicked on any other ads in my network of sites, giving a reason why they might not have been counted. the 4 clicks were unique and only clicked 1 ad in my entire site for the day.

Now, after comparing with the rest of my channels, i am seeing these results everywhere, which easily explains why my revenue has dropped so significantly To note, this all really started after the update on the 19th. since then, I have seen higher "audits" on my clicks than can be explained.

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, comments or anything that could be helpful, it will be greatly appreciated. I would also suggest, those that are capable and suffering from sudden loss of revenues, to also run a similar experiment and report back. My opinion is that there is a glitch in the ypn system and we are not being paid for all valid clicks.

9:45 pm on Oct 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hard to say, but one possibility is that these IPs have been generating excessive traffic on other sites.
12:20 am on Oct 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Recently one of the webmasters we work with dropped them due to similar issues.

These were the observations:-

The stats are not in real time and often have delays which makes it harder as a publisher to track exactly what clicks from what IP they are paying you on.

They thought that where a unique user visits your site and then clicks on perhaps one advert (visits site & returns to you) then clicks on another advert that yahoo pay you once, yet charge both advertisers - hence adverts are not as effective as you might not be getting 100% of the revenue credited to you.

Some click throughs dont register because they get "conveniently missed off" call it error, call it suspect?

In all, the system was found to be poor, furthermore the client found the service from them next to dire, even with an appointed account manager they hid behind voice mail (what would they have done without it?) support was poor and continual delays in payment due to one excuse or another led to the webmaster losing confidence.

I cant say if this is typical accross the board but based on the limited feedback from webmasters we work with its not the first time we have heard variations similar to the above and it needs to be factored in when deciding who to use as a publishing partner.

It could be that the system has been modified to make it more profitable for them

Good luck