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Need Help with a XML search feed please

needing major help to make a xml search plugin feed.



6:42 am on Dec 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


I hope I can explain this right as to what I am after here and so do hope that someone here will be kind enough to help me with this request?

here goes, I run a search engine and I need to install my own xml feeds from various other search engines, I have there code or some of it, but the search engine script I use requires that a plugin be used to install these feeds for my visitors to use and search with if this makes sense thus far. So I need to make a plugin from this xml coding to work right.

So I need to know if anyone here has any knowledge on how I could make one simple XML feed and just simply put that certain URL to pull there xml feed into my own search engine to show the results with?
Below is a example of how one feed explains it but I am lost here on how to do it in simple terms:

to retrieve search results from our affiliate XML Feed you will need to issue an HTTP Get request as described below.

The required parameters are:
Terms :The search term that is being searched for. Please separate multi-worded search terms with a "+".
Hits_Per_Page : Use this parameter to specify the number of results to return. By default, the search returns 20 results.
affiliate: This parameter allows us to track your earnings when people click on our listings.
subid:This parameter allows you to specify the different channels of traffic that you deliver. Simply replace 'yoursubid' with a number or name that will identify each subid/channel of traffic.
ip: Use this parameter to specify the IP address of the actual user performing the search.


1. Affiliate "ME" wants to obtain 10 results for the search term "web hosting"
[URL...] OF THE SITE.com/cgi-bin/search/mxml.fcgi?Terms=web+hosting&affiliate=#*$!#*$!XX&subid=YOURSUBID&ip=

As you can see from the above example I am have tried several attempts to get there xml feed to work with another one of my feeds plugins but I am doing something wrong here becuase it does not pull there results when I install it.

Please if anyone here can understand what I am after and can at least shed some light as to where I can look if not here in this forum for a simple step guide to get this to work I would forever be greatful

thank you all in advance who will look into this for me and help me out I greatly appreciate all suggestions on what I might try to get this feed to work with my search engine.

sincerely yours


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