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Categories in WordPress Not Showing Up on Yoast XML Sitemap

4:31 pm on May 19, 2017 (gmt 0)

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Hi there!

I am trying to figure out an issue with a new WordPress installation on a test site (that is on a test development server). The issue is why three categories are not appearing in the Yoast XML Sitemap. This issue does not happen on the currently live site.

I found a possible correlative issue, but I cannot find a setting in WordPress to change this. What I am trying to understand is why when categories are appearing under "Media" in the categories list, they are not showing up in the Yoast XML sitemap. I have a gut feeling that if I fix THAT issue, I will fix why they are not appearing in the sitemap.

See example screenshot of the problem: [screencast.com...]

Per the screenshot, the three categories are under "Media" when they should be regular categories.

After much research into this issue, I don't see any obvious setting in Wordpress to change this, and I don't have access to the theme's developer. I have investigated what I feel to be every possible relevant setting in the Yoast SEO Plug-in. I have enabled/disabled XML Sitemap functionality 2-3 times, just in case it was a weird cache issue. I have changed Media to In Sitemap (since it was checked on not in sitemap).

I have checked excluded posts (nothing is being excluded). I have checked functions.php for any common code that would exclude categories or include other re-write rules for these categories. Since the same is appearing in sidebar.php, that is not an issue as it's currently hardcoded in that file. Nothing obvious in sidebar.php is causing it to be auto-populated. I have also checked the obvious Wordpress settings for anything that would make a regular category a "media" category.

Any help you can provide to point me in the direction towards a solution would be fabulous.