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Alienware - Dell

Alienware still maintaining quality?

6:11 am on Oct 16, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Now that Dell has moved pretty publicly 'all in' with everybody knowing that they own Alienware; so far as to be using the Alienware website only as minimal window dressing and transferring builds to Dell - is Alienware still a fully premium brand/quality/service, or have they been dragged down a few rungs?

Once USB3 is finally available I will be pulling the trigger on replacing my top-end machine.

I don't have a problem with Dell (though I wouldn't give them the highest rating). I have bought Dell systems, and will likely buy more as needed.

However, MY machine, in MY office..... The idea of Alienware from Dell doesn't feel very 'elite'. I don't mind paying for it - but I expect to actually get it.

And why are PCI slots still so limited? I have to pick and choose way too much because I want more power than available slots. It upset me last time, and it's going to upset me more this time.

Who are the top custom builders now? Significant other has Falcon Northwest Mach V, which I am barely allowed to look at. (Of course I sort of have the same rule. We share everything except computers.)

11:00 am on Oct 16, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Do you want an Alienware computer because of the name or because you want a fast computer?

If you know enough about hardware, you simply need to read the specifications to know whether it's good enough or not. If you don't know enough about hardware, you'll have to rely on the opinions of others in reviews and comparative tests.

For what it's worth, Dell aren't fools so it's unlikely they'll produce inferior machines under a top-end brand-name they've just purchased. That would be very bad business indeed.


6:39 pm on Oct 16, 2009 (gmt 0)

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get ready to overpay like heck for that (top end) computer.

all of those companies might make good computers but they sure do stick it to your wallet!

this one company did some over the top build and said it cost 14k or something out of this world, i took their parts list and priced it out at 4k...hello markup!