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With a Blog, does updating content cause issues.Help.

Blogging, does updating/changing content cause issues.Help.

6:35 am on Jul 9, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Hey, guys,
this might be a odd question, but i'm not sure about how how blogs work in serps.

with a Blog, does updating content cause issues in search engine rankings? What i mean is, as blogs are sites that
use systems to update the content And when they do the Content on the page changes.

For example, you have content about cars on the page and then you write a New article about something else, say houses, then by doing that, the on page *kw density* changes, the *Word count* on the page changes, a New h1, or h2 is added on the page for the New article heading/topic is added by the Blog system,
a new link for the article is added on the Navigation etc.

Basicaly, alot of constant changes are made daily and i was wondering if creating alot of daily content for the blog will let it get on the first page results for it's kws?

I ask because of the page *word count* gets larger with every article Added to the page, and the kw *density* increases, aswell as the amount of seo *on topic* kws increases for that entire page. Ex. kw "tv" decreases
in density OR it actually *Increases* IF you add more
articles on the subject TV. In other words, the it gets
larger or smaller in the subject matter.

(I know density does not matter much, but i ask
the question because the Page Content changes in many ways And so may the Topic kws if you add alot of slightly off or related information.)

So, should you just blog specificly on one topic, say, kw "Cars" and stay on that topic specificly with
the areas of tires, engines, rims, shocks, etc for the page?

Does it matter if you vary the page for the Blog with other
similar topics like above?

*I've seen some sites speak on SEO and then add another article on marketing OR Content management, then they jump to "Custumer Relations". That's a little off from the main topic of on page seo.

Well, i ask because i have never used a blog for a site and was wondering.

Please explain. I'd like to know how a blog is viewed
by engines as far as ranking is concerned.
I'd like to get a CMS type blog to rank number one on an engine,
but was a little concerned about if i could rank it
based on my previous information.

Please help guys:)
And some advice could'nt hurt either:)

Thanks for the help guys:)
Hope to hear from you soon:)


6:32 am on July 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Blogs by nature rotate conent in and out of the front page and if I'm understanding your asking that if you write a post about keyword 1, it's on your home page. Later you write a post about keyword 2, it also goes on your home page, so both posts for two different keywords are on your home page. You wonder how that will hurt your ranking for keyword 1, right?

The effect will depend on whether the posts are related or not. I'll use pet carriers as your keyword, if the first post is about what size of pet carrier you need and the second is about pet carrier features, the two posts could reinforce the keyword pet carriers.

Keep in mind that almost every blogging software out there has adjustable settings as to number of posts that appear on the first page. If you set this at one, no on page ever gets diluted or reinforced in the same way they would if you had 10 posts on the first page.

I usually set it to one post on the home page or a max of three. Why? It' my perception that people don't like incredibly long pages.

Another option that some blog software - Wordpress for one has is that it allows you to set a particular page to always be the home page. If you set this then you don't have to worry about your home page changing.

My advice is to quit playing the keyword density game and get on with writing content that people are eager to read. Search engines are pretty good at telling what a page is about about about without repeating the keyword a bunch of times. In fact some say two many of the same keyword on same page will get you penalized for over optimization.


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