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What's been the quality of traffic like with GoClick?

Any good?

6:22 pm on Jul 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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We've been using GoClick for a while now, but are frustrated with being charged for dodgy traffic from Eastern Europe when we have specifically set geotargeting to only receive visitors from the UK and North America.

I have had to waste many hours sending Goclick evidence of the traffic outside our geotargeted area and from porn sites etc.

We are now wondering whether we should close down our account.

What's been your experience of GoClick.com please?

6:28 pm on July 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Looks like you answered your own questions.
3:44 am on July 28, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi all;

I've currently only 1 small campaign running on goclick. Have to admit I set it up kind of feeble as well. I used a landing page that was getting hit with organic search traffic, so I've no idea how much of the first set of clicks were from what countries. I've just today changed that, and now have seperate tracking on a new landing page for the goclick campaign. Will let you know if I see a country origin issue when I start to get some traffic to it.
*I'm currently set to the usa+canada traffic option.

But my Main Issue, is not Country, it's Traffic, Period, lol.

I simply Cannot generate a Hit Under a 7 cent bid on this one. Of 42 Clicks, only 2 were on keywords other than the top traffic keywords, and those have to be set at a Minimum of 7 cents or the traffic just Vanishes. So I'm thinking it's a Partner that is sending the hits in that Requires that much of a bid minimum to display my bids, possibly the result of a double or even multiple 'pass' of my bids around partner networks, until it finally hits the one with the traffic, not sure, lol.

My keyword set is Also feeble right now, at only 40 total phrases, so have to up that big time as well. It all was really just an initial 'test' sorta feeling the waters as it were, as I've not used my goclick acc for some time, and wanted to feel things out a bit, so just burned the first 5 bucks on some initial test stuff.

Hopefully some others will share too...
Edited to Add: You noted you've set your campaign to UK And N A Traffic? I don't know how to Do that? I have to choose Either or 3 options from the pop-down menue, intn'l, usa/can or UK, but cannot have More than one option?