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Microsoft Refreshes Bing Search, Including Pole Position, Page Zero, Platform Independent, and New Logo

9:42 am on Sep 17, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Bing has refreshed its look with a new logo, and a new home page with many features to make it easier and faster to find what you're searching for. You can find a description of the new look www.bing.com/explore/newbing

The new look integrates the “One Microsoft” vision both from a product perspective and visually.Microsoft Refreshes Bing Search, Including Pole Position, Page Zero, Platform Independent, and New Logo [bing.com]
We’re excited about the final result and to give you a glimpse, we have created a destination at www.bing.com/new where you can learn more about the new face of search.
The past several years have given us terabytes of data on how people engage with results once they perform a search. Our balancing act is getting information to a user as quickly as possible while making that information relevant and meaningful. In other words, people don’t just want faster guesses from their search engine, they want search to be faster and smarter. As such, we’re introducing Page Zero, a new function in Bing that helps a user get an answer or take an action before they even seethe first results page. We do this by showing key tasks associated with the query while they’re typing.
In search, there are a lot of queries that have multiple or ambiguous intents. For example, someone querying “temple” might want information about the religious structure, Temple University in PA or the subway station in London by the same name. We address these scenarios in a number of ways, such as the earlier mentioned intent disambiguation.

However, we often also receive “high-confidence” queries – searches for which we have very clear data about what someone is looking for due to our work to understand search intent using advanced machine learning. We’re now introducing a new surface area at the top of the page called “Pole Position” for results where we have high confidence on a user’s intent. When we know that someone wants images of a celebrity, is looking for a specific fact or needs a detailed view of the weather in a particular city, we now provide a much larger answer beautifully integrated at the top of the page. These larger format answers help people find the best answer for their question.
Our new platform will enable us to improve experiences across an ever growing range of devices, like mobile. In fact we recently announced a revamped experience as part of Windows Phoneand this release will leverage those improvements to will bring them to all mobile devices. Part of this focus on mobile and tablet devices means integrating touch into our experiences and we’ve introduced a number of capabilities to allow for more rapid refinements in the future.
1:47 pm on Sept 17, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I like the number 7 in the new logo :)

Almost looks like a dissected impossible triangle.
11:14 pm on Oct 20, 2013 (gmt 0)

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:: bump ::

rather than start a new thread.

Question: Did the New Improved Bing Search get rid of preview-- or is it so cleverly concealed that you won't know where or how to find it unless someone tells you? Is there some teeny little icon that I've overlooked? *

While looking into something else I went over to bing.com and deliberately tried to trigger a Preview. Nothing. No arrows, no popup boxes in sight, no activity no matter where I mouse-hover. Tried two different browsers, one of which I never use so it can't possibly have any "disable this feature" settings.

The BingPreview user agent is definitely still with us. But I'm ### if I can figure out how to trigger a preview when searching.

* Like both search engines' preferences setting, now hidden behind a minuscule gear-like icon with no backup word like "Preferences" or "Settings" anywhere in sight. Took me forever to find it :( and it isn't easy to click on either.