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Does hosting affect search results?

US hosted site getting better position in .in search

11:55 am on Dec 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Have been observing a strange outcome for a website hosted in the US. It is in the top ten for one of the competitive keywords in "search.msn.co.in" ( which redirects to -- [live.com...] But in [search.live.com...] it is way back in the 4th page.
The site has a .com domain,
There is no reference to India in the whois information
There is no reference to India in the site content
The physical address of the site is not in India (It is in US)
More than 90% of the sites that link to it are from US and other countries (excluding India)

Any clue why is it happening?

Have also observed a similar phenomena for another site (all the conditions as mentioned above are applicable for this also.)

4:27 pm on Dec 21, 2006 (gmt 0)

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All I can tell you is that our websites hosted in South East Asia appear very high in the rankings in what was msn arabia, australia ( ninemsn ), singapore, south africa etc no problem at all ( they are all rich in unique local content and informative websites ) however, on .com we are no where to be found or buried pages down.
I have asked time and again of all the majors 'why' websites hosted in this part of the world are way down the pages on all the main .com sites and none of them will give us an answer.
On Yahoo Australia and Yahoo Asia are sites do just fine, but on .com not even in the top 200-300 results.
English language Singapore based websites as an example fall pages below US and Europe based sites that perhaps only have a link on one of their link pages.
No one will come clean on this.
I considor the search results on many of the Asia / Australia / South America / South Africa to be far superior to those on the main .com.
Someone suggested that websites were filtered out because of their hosting location and this then allowed 'in' many not as good results.

So perhaps you website is fine and obtains a justified good position when it appears in the non .com versions.
Try the same with ninemsn.com ( Australia ) and see what your position is. As a matter of interest why not also try on Yahoo7 ( Yahoo Australia ) and also Yahoo Asia and then compare, it would be interesting.

It would be interesting if others could also check their sites this way and let us know how different their positions are.