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Server lost internet connection

was using an old dns and is running dns



9:13 pm on Oct 25, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hi all

I have a situation where a server and clients were set up using DNS servers from an old isp. Apparently the old isp either blocked us or took the dns servers offline. THey lost internet access across the board

The server and clients are set up using 192.168.1.x with fixed, not DHCP addresses

The clients were set up using the server as the DNS.

I changed the clients to use the DNS servers provided by the ISP. The clients all work

All of the clients can see the server and vice versa

The server is running DNS and active directory.

I set forwarders in the DNS server to reflect the current DNSs of the ISP

I cannot connect to the internet using a browser and cannot ping or tracert. Ping shows "unable to resolve". Tracert keeps showing the IP of the server as the only hop.

If I try to ping the ISP dns I get a ttl timeout although I believe it is 128

The server is MS Server 2003 with no software firewall and one nic. It is running exchange but is not running a web.

I've tried all kinds of combos of addresses in the tcpip configuration.

My guess is that there is still something else in a configuration that still points to the old dns. However, I can't see anything definite.

Also - the server is running active directory.




10:30 pm on Oct 25, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

i wanted to add one more piece of info to my original question.. When I run a netdiag, I am getting a fail with

Cannon find an authoritative DNS server for the name server.#*$!xx.local.

I am also getting the DNS entries for this DC cannot be verified right now on Dserver nn.nnn.nnn.nnnn ERROR_TIMEOUT

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas.



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