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tried 3 methods for my website to show up on google

10:31 am on May 28, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Hi, I am a little lost in the different ways to reference my website

First method I have tried :

Figure out the different keywords I want to be referenced on and have them in my title keyword and description and they have a good keyword density in the body of my text

Title : [green widget] - [blue widgets] - [orange widgets] - [pink widgets]
Keyword : [green widget], [blue widgets], [orange widgets], [pink widgets]
Desc : [green widget] and [blue widgets] are designed for [widgeters] etc....

Problem with method : it seems that my website only comes up with on one of the keywords not all of them which I thought it would ( usually the one that has the most density in my page )

Second method I have tried :

Use a 3 keyword sentence like that I can reference 3 expressions per page and have a title that is a sentence ( better for marketing )
Lets say I use this sentence [green widget] [location], with that I have 3 different " keywords "

[green widget] [location], [green widget], [ [location]...

Title : [green widget] [location] . Great [green widget] in [location].
Keywords : [green widget] [location], [green widget], [location]
Description : [green widget] : How about a [green widget] in [location] with your family or friends

Issue with that method if do that on my website and my website only has one page that talks about [widgets] and in 99 % of the cases it doesn't come up in the search results because I am facing websites that have 100 000 of pages that only talk about [widgets]. it seems that where there is max 300 000 answers you can come up with one page talking about [widgets] over that you can't ? you need an entire website talking about [green widget]...

Third method I have third :

One keyword for the entire website :
Let say I know [green widget] is a keyword where there is a lot of search and have my website talk about [green widget] all over the site and make as many links on the word [green widget] throughout my website as I can to the home page

Title : [green widget] in [location], [other location], [other location] etc...
Keyword : [green widget]
Desc : The best of [green widget] in [location] [other location], [other location] etc...

Which one of the three is the good one ! or do you recommend ! or is there another one ?

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3:22 pm on May 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Hi member22,

In this sort of situation I would typically recommend that one page target one 'primary' keyword. Of course, a page should attract visitor for many more words and phrases than that, but this can help with focus in the early stages. Thinking about too many keywords for one page of content can result in too much 'dilution' which can prevent the page successfully targeting anything!

If the natural competitive keywords seem out of reach at this stage, then it might be best to view them as a long term aim, and instead look to attract more niche visitors to the inner content that you have. Over time, and as a site builds popularity, it can begin to target more competitive keywords and phrases.

As a rule of thumb, I would think about the most relevant keywords and the natural variations of those words when writing your titles and descriptions (the time spent writing meta keywords is likely to be better spent elsewhere).

3:42 pm on May 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Thanks for your reply

One keyword per page is exactly what I am doing my only issue is that on certain keywords with one page of my website talking about a specific thing ( keyword ) there is no way I can come up in the search results when you have websites that talk about what I talk but on the 100 pages of their site when I just have one... talking about it

So my idea my main page is referenced under " abcd " and then I have subpages 5 of them and to help "abcd" come up in the search results instead of referencing the other pages on other keywords like " fgh" I am tinking about referencing the the subpages as "abcd" like the main one to help the main page and push it up in the search results ! do you think that could help ?

3:56 pm on May 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

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The actual volume of pages is not solely about the textual content - it also results in a much larger number of both internal and external links. Thus, on a site with a well-thought out hierarchy, the niche content contributes to the performance of the more competitive content. the more niche pages, the better the performance for competitive words.

The main content-based advantage of having lots of pages is the ability to target a much broader range of keywords, including many niche keywords that you could never have planned for beforehand.

If you have lots of pages all targeting the same words, this is unlikely to provide any advantage.